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Importance of exercise during pregnancy

December 3, 2020

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Want to have a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery? Are you exercising during pregnancy? If not, this is the right time to start with the exercises.

Exercises enhance the physical and emotional wellbeing of pregnant women. A well-planned exercise program is a great way to have a healthier pregnancy and a faster recovery. Exercises do wonders during pregnancy. It helps to prepare you for childbirth by strengthening your muscles.

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Pregnancy is an exciting and joyful time in a woman's life, but not without stress. Deep breathing exercises provide an outlet for stress relief during pregnancy, as well as pain relief and comfort during labor.

Exercises help you to carry the weight you gain during pregnancy, prepare you for the physical demands of labor and birth. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop doing exercises.

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  • Start with basic cardio exercises like walking, swimming, light aerobics
  • Stretching of hands and leg muscles will help you to maintain posture.
  • Strengthen your back muscles to lessen the chances of back pains.

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  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (do Kegel exercises) to prevent incontinence problems.
  • Increase the flexibility of vaginal muscles by doing squats and butterfly stretches (which is helpful to reduce the labor time and to push the baby easily)
  • Breathing techniques during labor will help you to cope up with the labor pain.
  • Exercise helps you sleep better.
  • It lessens your mood swings, improves your self-image, and allows you to feel a sense of control.
  • You gain less weight (controlled weight) during pregnancy.
  • Chances of gestational diabetes, swelling, body pains, high blood pressure come down with the exercises.
  • The sense of accomplishment and confidence spills over to the rest of your life
  • Attend antenatal classes to do the exercises under supervision for better results.

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  • Do not exercise in hot weather and always make sure that you are getting plenty of fluids when exercising.
  • Do not overstretch your muscles.

  • Exercise to a recommended heart rate level to ensure that your baby is getting the oxygen he/she needs.
  • Stop exercising if you see any abnormal vaginal discharges or if you feel breathless.
  • Wear comfortable clothes while exercising.
  • Wear proper footwear while walking.

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  • Cat and camel stretch to strengthen abdominal and back muscles
  • Squatting to increase flexibility of pelvic floor muscles
  • Exercises to strengthen pelvic and knee muscles
  • Butterfly Stretch

Exercise increases the blood flow and prepares you and your body for birth. But, before indulging yourself in any kind of exercise; it is always wise to take advice from the health care provider regarding your exercise routine during pregnancy. Follow your doctor’s exercise recommendations and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

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Contributed by - Dr Swati Reddy

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