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Immunity During Pregnancy: Its Significance

December 5, 2023

When you are pregnant, all your thoughts revolve around the safety of your little one. You possibly wouldn’t mind any of the discomfort and pain as long as it means keeping your baby healthy and secure.

While a strong maternal instinct is a great thing to have, being pregnant also means that you need to compartmentalize some time and effort to focus on yourself too. This is essential because the growth of your baby also depends on how well you are eating, sleeping, and how well you are taking care of yourself.

Having a good immune system is essential - it helps your body fight off germs and viruses, thereby protecting you from so many illnesses that can contribute to your discomfort. The necessity for this increases all the more when you are pregnant because you are nurturing a new life inside you and your health needs to be at the top of its game.

So, how can you make sure that you are building a robust immune system? Don’t worry. Here are a few natural ways to boost your immunity during pregnancy.

Eat Right


This goes without saying, right? Remember, your food will also act as nutrition to your baby. It’s therefore high time to focus on three things: hygiene, quality, and quantity. It’s best to steer clear of street food and fast food. As tempting as they may be, your cravings can be weird, but food cooked unhygienically can put you at risk for several illnesses including food poisoning. That’s not what you want. Therefore, stick to food cooked well, full of nutrients and fibre as well as rich in proteins, vitamins, and even a nominal dose of carbs. Eat light - your digestive system will be a little slow, so eat smaller meals, but eat well.

Stay Warm

Your body temperature is an essential way of boosting immunity. It’s important to stay warm. If you live in a colder region, make sure you have your winter gear in place. Avoid getting drenched - that’s the easiest way for you to catch a cold or the flu. Staying warm will make sure that your immunity isn’t compromised.

Take Your Vitamins

Your doctor will prescribe a set of medicines for you during your pregnancy. Some of them are vital for the growth of your baby and healthy pregnancy, as well as protecting your immune system. So make sure that you take them without fail. Remember, your immunity also protects your baby, so during pregnancy, it’s best to follow your doctor’s advice to the last letter, especially when it comes to taking your vitamins and other medicines.

Stay Hydrated And Sleep Well

Water and sleep are your best friends when you are pregnant. Not just do they keep you healthy, they also go a long way in boosting your immune system. When you are well-rested, you are in better charge of your health; being in better charge of your health means a stronger immune system which subsequently translates into better protection against illnesses.

The Significance Of Immunity In The Current Scenario

In the time of the coronavirus, even a simple cold or fever can be scary. That’s why, it’s essential to be well protected from any such illness to avoid panic and any scare to your health, especially when you are pregnant. This means you should exercise caution while stepping out of your homes - go out only if necessary. When you are at home, try listening to music and engage in anything that helps you maintain a positive frame of mind. Keep your masks in hand and a sanitizer on the go.

Why Is The Birthplace The Safest Place For You?

At the Birthplace, we see a range of emotions - from the happiness of a pregnancy getting confirmed, to the joy of hearing the first heartbeats of a baby; from the anxiousness of having a healthy pregnancy to the fear of settling in closer to the D Day - we go beyond being your healthcare provider to being your companions in this journey.
That’s why we take every measure possible so that you leave your worries behind when you step into our clinics. Given the current scenario, we have put additional measures in place to protect people we care about - you, the mother-to-be, and our staff who form our backbone.
From providing advanced protective gear to our staff so that they can serve you in an uninterrupted and secure fashion, to deep cleaning our facilities, we hinge our services on safety and compassion. Our floors are cleaned and disinfected regularly. The doctors’ chambers are sanitized after every appointment. The elevators, staircases, and rooms are cleaned from time to time.
We have restricted visitors. For appointments, our doctors see just the patients, and inpatients are allowed just one attendant. Till the time you are an inpatient at the Birthplace, you will be provided with all that you need so that neither you nor your attendant needs to step out.
With a robust immunity and all the measures that we at the Birthplace have put in place for you, there is no need for you to worry. You take care of yourself as we work tirelessly to create a happy pregnancy for you.

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