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How To Know You Are Ready For A Baby?

December 3, 2020

Oh babies! They’re so cute and cuddly. Every time you see a baby you wish you had one too, don’t you? To become a mother indeed feels like a blessing. But parenthood is a huge responsibility and more than that, getting pregnant and delivering the baby can be scary for some women. It’s easy at times to get knocked out by the idea of making your own baby and take the leap without putting much thought over it. But are you ready for parenthood yet?

Consider a few of these factors and decide for yourself if you want to jump into the next big phase of your life or not-

1. Relationship-

Before making room for your baby just look back and see what the state of your relationship is at present. Do you cherish your relationship with your partner? Is he understanding and accommodating? Not all married couples have a fairy-tale to tell. And that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Every relationship has ups and downs. Talk to your partner about your preferences and having a baby. Whether you’re ready or not, let him know how you feel. Whatever the decision is, it must be taken by mutual consent.

2. Career-

If you’re in your 20s then you may be inclined more towards developing your career rather than extending your family. But this is the age when you can conceive without any problem since the fertility declines with age and might get complicated in your 30s. But if career is a concern for you then you can really ‘have it all’! These days having a career and a baby together are not impossible and there are many women who are doing great on both fronts. It’s a matter of time, a little planning and making proper arrangements. But don’t be fooled, it takes hard work!

3. Financial state-

Being financially sound to have babies is important- really! Everybody wants to give a better life to their children starting from day one but that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your new born unless you own a house or have a hefty bank balance. Your baby takes another nine months to come into this world. With the baby being born, the expenses rise. Not just for those couple of years, but for life from pre-schooling to just before the job he/she gets and starts to earn. So, while you plan you make sure that you have enough time to get your finances ready to be able to put your child in schools/ colleges. Don’t just get carried away by the hype, rather plan and move forward.

4. Lifestyle-

Is your life sedentary? Do you drink or smoke? Do you also binge eat? This is not good for your health and not good at all if you plan to conceive now. Women in India are increasingly getting into habits like smoking and drinking, which is adding up to ill health and weight issues. Unconditional eating habits not only make you obese but are also causes of various health problems. If you really think you’re ready to have a baby then first change your lifestyle to make way for a healthy pregnancy.

5. Health-

There are many health related problems that can interfere with fertility. If you believe you’re ready to have a baby but are suffering from any of the following health issues then it means you’re not ready physically. If you’re over weight then your body can be overloaded with oestrogen and if you’re underweight then your reproductive system will almost shut down. Irregularities in hormonal system leading to irregular periods can be a hindrance in conceiving.  Other health issues like thyroid disorders, endometriosis, autoimmune disorder, etc. can pose problems when you’re trying to get pregnant. Get yourself treated for any such health problems before planning a baby so that things work accordingly. Your mental health also has a major role to play since the stress hormones can interfere anytime. Just stay calm and happy, away from depression and things will go well.

6. Accommodating-

Are you used to accepting uninviting situations or react positively when last minute changes occur in life? Then you are good to go. If not, then you might want to think again. With a baby in life things change dramatically. Your plans fail and your baby’s acts will win. There are certain times when you need to be extremely accommodating when your baby is sick or things go wrong in many ways. In short, get used to your life not going according to plan!

7. Idea of baby excites you-

The will to have a baby and being enthusiastic about that miracle moment when you’ll hold your new born in your hands is important. It’s you as a mother who’ll be taking major responsibility of the baby and so you must be willing to do whatever it takes. Yeah you might be nervous and anxious about the kind of changes a baby can bring in your life but that’s just a phase and you’ll for sure survive it as many moms have done it before.

When we talk about being ready for a baby, there are many things that contribute, some of which are internal and others are external. When mind, body, relationship, finance, ambitions, etc. everything falls in line.. it’s indeed a perfect time.

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