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How To Ensure Kids Grow Up With Strong Bones

March 26, 2024

As children grow up, a parent must ensure they get all the nutrition and grow up with strong bones and bodies. With today’s exposure to junk food and the easy availability of unhealthy food options, children can and will prefer junk food over healthy ones. You can give in to their demands but should ensure it does not compromise their health and growth.

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Importance Of Strong Bones For Kids

It is easy to overlook the health of our bones as they work tirelessly despite health issues and fatigue. Children’s bones may seem strong, but proper care is necessary to prevent fractures. Brittle bones or fractures that take time to heal are two main issues a child with weak bones can face.

If you want your child to have strong bones as they age, you should start when they are young. During their developing years, strong bones are the best way to ensure they stay strong throughout. By the time your child reaches the age of 20, their bones finish developing. So, if the bones do not get sufficient nutrition during this time, they may be brittle and cause problems later in life.

What do children need for strong bones?

So, what do children’s bones need to ensure they develop well during the growing years? Children need a combination of nutrients and strengthening. Just feeding them the nutrients will not suffice. They need to use their bones to make them stronger, too.

Here are four critical factors that contribute to good bone health.

1. Calcium-Rich Foods

Do your research, talk to your doctor or dietician if required, and come up with a list of calcium-rich foods. Calcium is an essential mineral for bone health. It is what helps build and keep the bones strong. A calcium deficiency can make your child’s bones brittle, leading to easy breaking in case of injuries. Children need more calcium as they grow. The National Institute of Health recommends the following daily intake for children:


Age Recommonded Daily Intake in MG
7-12 Months 260
1-3 Years 700
4-8 Years 1000
9-18 Years 1300

2.Vitamin D Supplements

Yes, the sun is the most significant and most accessible source of Vitamin D, but you cannot let your child stand out in the sun all day long. Children love to play outdoors, but you cannot let them do that every day, especially as they grow up and have classes to attend indoors.

Many Asians suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Your doctor will prescribe a supplement if your child’s Vitamin D levels are deficient. These are usually in the form of syrups, which can be easy to give your child.

3. Other Vitamins

Magnesium and Vitamin K are also vital for bone health. While magnesium helps maintain bone density, Vitamin K can help increase it. So, giving your child enough of these two nutrients as they grow, along with calcium and Vitamin D, can help improve bone density and keep them strong.

4. Encourage Exercise

Apart from regular playing, encourage your child to exercise. By exercise, we do not mean going to the gym or doing intense workouts. Today, many children prefer screen time and tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Ensure your child stays away from this and encourage them to step out to play.

Playing a sport or regular exercise has many benefits, which can also reflect on other facets of your child’s life. It may take a few tries to identify what interests your child. Children can get bored with an activity quickly. So, don’t lose heart and try a little more to help your child find that perfect physical activity.

Tips to Strengthen Children’s Bones

Now, the most challenging part is the how. Kids are infamous for their fussy eating habits and abilities to avoid exercise or sneak away from nutritious foods. You cannot force-feed your child beyond a point, even if that was successful for you.

Here are some tips:

  • Include dairy products, green vegetables, and calcium-fortified juices to increase your child’s intake. You can give them cheese sandwiches instead of plain toast, almonds instead of cashews, and calcium-fortified yoghurts instead of regular-flavoured yoghurts.
  • Eggs, dairy products, and certain types of fish are rich in Vitamin D. Ensure you include them in your child’s diet. You can make a variety of dishes with eggs and dairy. You can even add flavours to make them taste exciting and different for your child.
  • You can enrol them in activities-based classes like athletics, swimming, or any sport. They won’t miss their screens or ask for rest when actively learning or playing with other children their age. This way, your child strengthens their bones and improves gross motor skills, coordination, problem-solving abilities, etc.
  • Though eating outside and drinking sodas are okay occasionally, teach children the importance of limits. Teach them to limit such intakes, as carbonated drinks can deteriorate bone health over time.
  • Sometimes, children may need supplements. It is right to take supplements as long as your paediatrician recommends it. The doctor might prescribe these supplements for a short while, after which you can maintain the levels with good food and exercise.

Final Note

Children are playful and can be fussy regarding health and nutrition. If you are wondering how to make bones strong for kids, leading by example and being patient is the answer. You can help them see the benefits of eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle. Building bone strength in the developing years will help them lead healthy lives free of joint pains and bone-related issues as they age.

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