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Cloud Nine Hospital Bangalore - How Safe it is to get a Tattoo done during Pregnancy.

December 3, 2020

Getting a tattoo done is very personal issue for a woman and it is something that she can take pride to showcase the permanent design on her body. However if you have been wondering if a tattoo is the right decision to be taken during pregnancy then you might want to hold on as there are more than one reason that indicates that tattoo during pregnancy is just not right either for you or the baby

From the health point of view, just in case the equipment is not properly sterilized then there are high chances of the mother to be to get there’s a risk of transmitting blood-borne infections such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV and obviously this is not a good thing considering you are in charge of two lives; of yourself and the baby in you.

From the beauty point of view one is aware that the skin changes during pregnancy and that may change the way the tattoo looks after one delivers the baby. Also tattoo dyes and inks may contain chemicals that may affect the tiny foetus through the mother’s skin. Hence doctors recommend the woman needs to be at least post breast feeding stage with her baby to get a new tattoo.

For those who have got tattoos done earlier prior to pregnancy it will not cause a problem from the health point of view either for the mother to be or the baby even though there might be stretching of the design. (Sources from Cloudnine Hospital Bangalore