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Hope rises from the ashes of a shattered mom's dream

December 3, 2020

From the storms of destruction rises the phoenix, just like a warrior combating evil for the clan, community and for life.

Ever heard of Beowulf?

Let me tell you a little about the Anglo-Saxon epic hero, which also happens to be one of the earliest epics with the same name, recorded by the European literati. Beowulf was known as a dragon slayer and as the slayer of Grandel, the Kraken, an enormous sea monster, according to ancient Scandinavian folklore.

You’re wondering why would I be interested in this?

This is because the Kraken and the dragons in modern times live within the human mind, growing in one’s mind as fear and hopelessness.

Even Beowulf couldn’t have succeeded at winning his battles without his might, his courage and his sword. Dear Moms, your might is your determination, your courage is your willingness to give yourself a chance and your sword, well that’s Cloudnine, right here by your side!

Life is a game of chances. The choices you make determine your path. You’d want to escape a situation where fear and pain have engulfed you. But, giving up on yourself is never the answer. Here’s a Mom Warrior who was about to give up on herself but decided otherwise and stood strong. She thanks Cloudnine as she describes how the doctors on Cloudnine insisted that she go ahead with a pregnancy she wasn’t sure of.

Her exact words are, “I am absolutely humbled by the care and service I received at Cloudnine from day one” We, on Cloudnine, understand the intensity of her emotions because We Know Moms.

This new mom has faced a different kind of hardship and from the ashes of hopelessness and defeat risen stronger than ever to become an inspiration. Sejal Chirag Rathod is our Mom Warrior who comes from Mumbai and is a working mother. She and her husband conceived after 9 years of their marriage. Her pregnancy, unfortunately, was full of multiple complications. It had been so difficult that by her 5th month she and her husband almost decided to give up the child.

However, they were persuaded by their family for an expert opinion before taking such a step, which is when they consulted Dr. Meghana Sarvaiya on Cloudnine, who insisted that they go ahead with their pregnancy.

In the 8th month of Sejal’s pregnancy, the pandemic outbreak started to increase at a baffling rate. That made things even worse for Sejal and her family. However, she and her husband were relieved and very impressed by all the safety precautions taken on Cloudnine hospitals.

She acknowledges; “Honestly, it was a scary situation for me and my husband, especially considering all the trouble we had faced in the previous months of my pregnancy.

But I was very impressed by Cloudnine's doctors and the staff who took all the necessary precautions and made sure we followed all the safety measures.”Sejal has only loving words for Dr. Meghana Sarvaiya and Dr. Niyati on Cloudnine who contended that she and her husband continue with the pregnancy.

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Cloudnine’s doctors also promised to make sure that her delivery was a normal one.

She says;

“We went ahead and fortunately, my health started to recover in the 6th month and we had a delightful baby shower in the 7th month.”

In the end, the Kraken was defeated! No fear could take over Sejal as she delivered her baby safely on Cloudnine. She shares a few words for new mothers and expecting moms, wherein she advises;

“Keep a positive mindset and just trust your doctors on Cloudnine, you will happily come out of any situation.”

Such motivating real-life stories on Cloudnine ignite us with a stronger purpose to become the torchbearers and help bring into this world generations, one after another.

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