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Here’s How You Can Have A Happy Pregnancy!

December 8, 2023

When the most asked question of “when are you giving us the good news?” finally turns into reality, you go through a range of emotions. The minute your pregnancy test comes positive, it’s almost surreal - the first few days or weeks are almost spent in a trance - you are carrying your mini-me inside you and you are on your way to motherhood. Even if you have children already, pregnancy can still take you on the same roller-coaster ride.

It’s one thing to share this wonderful news with your family and friends and a completely different one to fight all the things going on inside of you. Pregnancy is bound to bring a lot of happiness into your lives, but it has its own impacts on your mind.

So, how do you navigate these challenges so that no matter what, you are happy through your pregnancy and even after it? This blog will help you explore a few options.

Focus On Yourself

pregnant-woman-posing-park (2).jpg

As much as your pregnancy is about your baby, it’s almost as much about you too. You will constantly be told that you should eat well for your baby, sleep well for your little one, and so on, but you should do it for yourself too. Your well-being determines the well-being of your unborn baby and the rest of your family too, hence it’s important that you have a compartmentalized ‘me time’ where you do things for yourself - like painting your nails, reading a book, watching your favorite web series, etc.


When you are pregnant, there would be a lot of things that you will be concerned about - the health of your baby, the labor, the delivery, and motherhood in general. With so much occupying your thought process, there probably isn’t much scope for peace of mind, is it? Therefore, to purge yourself of all these worries, it would help if you indulge in some meditation and calm those nerves down. Meditating can help you find that inner balance and channelize your energies in focusing on positivity than worrying.

Connect With Near And Dear Ones

Your partner, family and friends are not just there to celebrate your pregnancy, they will be there when you need their help in resolving anything that bothers you. If you are worried about anything, you will feel lighter and better when you talk to your near and dear ones, which in turn will help you towards being happy during your pregnancy.

Healthy Body Image

Pregnancy can bring a lot of changes to your body. Your breasts will become bigger, your bump might cause stretch marks and your skin might break out. This could push you into having body image issues, but it’s essential to focus on the best part of this all - in a few months' time, you will be playing with your baby, forgetting about nausea, pimples, and the stretch marks. Every once in a while, remember the outcome of this all and you will fall in love with the body that’s nurturing your beautiful baby.

Keep Yourself Engaged

When you are pregnant, it’s best to keep yourself engaged in hobbies and other activities that will keep your mind occupied with things that you like rather than shifting focus to anything that has been worrying you. You can exercise as well, with recommendations from your gynecologist, of course, to keep your body fit and your mind healthy.

Your Doctor Is Your Guide Too

If you think the issues occupying your mind are not something that you can resolve on your own or with the help of your family, please do not hesitate to ask for help from your doctor. Your doctor will be able to recommend counseling sessions if required because a troubled mind will have a lasting impact on your pregnancy and your overall health too.

At the Birthplace, we provide you with holistic consultations that not just focus on the physical aspect of your pregnancy, but those that take care of your mental health too. Please speak to your doctor about your worries so that he or she can suggest appropriate steps. That way, you can focus on being happy during your pregnancy, and even after it.

Good luck!

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