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Giving Birth: A Worry No More!

December 3, 2020

Bringing a newborn into this world is often a chaotic affair unless you walk into one of the top maternity hospitals. Cloudnine has several branches spread all over the country, with a focus solely on helping women give birth to their babies in a safe and sterile environment.

With the global pandemic situation in hand, Cloudnine has upped the game several steps by scanning everyone who enters the premises, restricting the number of guests accompanying the mom-to-be, sanitizers, and gloves available at every corner, and so on. Cloudnine also has a stringent sanitization protocol in place to ensure that no germs or virus violates our facilities.

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Sneha Kumari Pandya had a recent experience on Cloudnine, Pune and cannot stop talking about how impressed she was with the way everything was handled professionally during her delivery.  

She was not at all stressed during the lockdown, even though she was in the 9th month of her pregnancy due to the support and care of Dr. Sneha Deshpande, her gynecologist. She was able to give birth to an adorable angel during these uncertain times without any added worry at all. Even after she was discharged and was back at home, Sneha has been in contact with our pediatrician regarding her newborn.  

According to Sneha, “ Dr. Sandip Bandekar is a “mind reader”. He knows what concerns the parents have even before they share.”

Sneha is just one of the many happy moms that Cloudnine has been able to help during the lockdown in the country. The online video consultations and emergency pick and drop services have become a boon for many moms-to-be and less worried during these turbulent times.

With Cloudnine to look after all your maternity needs, you can finally relax and go back to enjoying this wonderful journey with your partner. After all, there is no greater joy than adding a new baby to the family when you have Cloudnine to support you all the way.

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