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Giraffe, the World’s Best Incubator; available at Cloudnine

December 3, 2020

Giraffe, the World’s Best Incubator; available at Cloudnine

For an evolving and revolutionary birthing centre like Cloudnine, where over 7500 babies have been delivered in the last four years, uninterrupted service is of vital importance. Keeping this in mind, we at Cloudnine, have been ever so ready to adopt the best that technology has to offer for childbirth and childcare.

It is little wonder then that we were the first to adopt Giraffe (by GE), the most sophisticated in modern incubators that controls the micro environment and saves the lives of premmies. Similarly, we have also been using other such products from GE for the care of children at Cloudnine.

According to Dr. Kishore Kumar, Senior Neonatologist, CEO and MD of Cloudnine hospitals,” Giraffe is the world’s best incubator. With a combination of open and close care system Giraffe becomes a simulated womb for the new born.

The best part is that it caters to all the requirements of a growing premature body. And it is this integration of GE’s technological edge, with the expertise of our clinicians that has led to this huge success of Cloudnine.”

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