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Get your Baby to Sleep Right at Night

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Baby sleeping

Baby sleeping[/caption]Getting babies to sleep is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by parents all over the world. If you have been experiencing sleepless nights ever since your adorable baby was born, don’t despair! There are plenty of tricks to help your baby sleep through the night, allowing you to catch up on your quality sleep as well. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Develop a Rhythm

While newborns sleep for almost sixteen or more hours a day, it is often interrupted by frequent awakenings. The pattern will seem erratic during the first couple of weeks. However, as your baby matures, you will notice that they tend to develop a sleeping rhythm as they are able to go without feedings for longer hours. By the time your baby turns three or four months, the sleep rhythm will emerge, allowing you to get some much-needed sleep.Book an online appointment with Dr. Sanjay Wazir for pediatric related issues

The Crib in your Room

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Baby in a sleep

Baby in a sleep[/caption]Experts suggest placing the baby crib in your room rather than in another room. You need to make sure that there is no loose bedding or heavy blankets. Although some people prefer co-sleeping, it is largely discouraged by medical professionals since babies are more prone to SIDS when sharing a bed with adults.


Encourage Good Sleep Habits

Setting a consistent and calming bedtime routine is a great way to help your baby start sleeping through the night. This includes avoiding any form of overstimulation during the evening. Some parents have a bedtime routine that involves a warm bath, reading a book or playing quiet music, cuddling, and so on in a softly lit room. In time your baby will start associating bedtime routine with sleep and start falling asleep faster.[caption id="attachment_19912" align="alignnone" width="500"]


baby sleeping peacefully[/caption]Must read: New-Borns: Are they Born to Swim?

Keep the Bedroom Cool

Cooler temperatures encourage the human body to fall asleep faster. This will also work in helping babies sleep through the night. However, remember to check the temperature every once in a while to make sure your baby is comfortable.Don’t miss Vaccination Schedule for your Baby, Book Home Vaccination Online. Cloudnine will come to your doorstep to provide your babies with crucial vaccinations


Breast milk contains a hormone called melatonin that signals when it is time to sleep to your baby. During the first couple of weeks after birth, babies often fall asleep while they are breastfeeding. Doctors recommend continuing feeding until the baby is fully asleep.To know more: What do a Baby at 19 Weeks and an Heirloom Tomato have in Common?

No Devices

Ensure that no electronic devices are around while you are putting your baby to sleep. The blue light emitted by electronic devices trick the human brain into staying awake for longer periods of time. This can prevent your baby and you from getting proper sleep through the night.[caption id="attachment_21427" align="alignnone" width="500"]

Cute Baby Sleeping

Cute Baby Sleeping[/caption]

Natural Pattern

Just like adults, babies also tend to be night owls or early birds depending on their preferences. It is often easier to establish a sleeping schedule once you understand your baby’s natural pattern. Want to consult a Pediatric doctor? Book Online Consultation with the best Pediatrician in IndiaAt the end of the day, it takes a while for the baby and you to communicate and figure out a sleeping pattern that works best for both of you. While some parents fall into a rhythm quickly, others take a little bit more time. However, do not take this as a test of your parenting skills and rather enjoy these special days with your lovely baby before they grow up too soon.Watch video on What should be the ideal sleeping position

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