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Gear up, New Mom reporting for duty!

December 3, 2020

I once went to a park in the evening, just for a stroll and saw children playing in its playground, carefree, joyful and at ease, while their mothers kept chatting with each other. Something that I noticed was, all these ladies though engrossed in some conversations with each other had their kids completely secured under their guarded and protective vision. They knew exactly where their kids were and what the kids were doing. The children didn’t leave the sight of their mothers but kept playing to their heart’s content.

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Why, you’d ask? The answer is that maybe those kids like all the kids in the world knew for sure that their mothers would fight off an army of Goliaths for them!  No enemy is strong enough to stand against a mother protecting her baby because moms are fearless when it comes to saving their kids, and their kids know that!

A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible – Marion C. Garretty

We reiterate upon the fact that Moms are the centre of gravity for every family because We Know Moms.

There’s no one in the entire world who can handle everything Like a Mom does.  Cloudnine is here with the story of yet another strong Mom. We bring to you, Mom Warrior Ritika Tomar Mukherjee on Cloudnine!

Ritika is a working professional, who shifted to Bangalore after she got married. She has been in Bangalore for the past three years. She and her husband then decided to extend their family.

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We can feel her happiness when she says;

“ We decided it was the right time to have our first baby, and we are so glad we chose Cloudnine! “

Cloudnine too is very glad that you chose us, Ritika!

She admits that she was very nervous at first because it was her first pregnancy. However, her husband took complete care of all her requisites, medicines or otherwise. She soon started to feel strong and contained because her husband wholeheartedly supported her emotionally and in every way he could.  

Becoming a new mom is a phenomenal experience for every woman, bringing a new life into the world is both exciting and stressful. An expecting mom can undergo a zillion emotions of feeling overwhelmingly powerful or extremely fearful at the same time.

Ritika talks fondly of her In-laws as well. She mentions that they were very supportive during her pregnancy journey, which is such a lovely thing. Not just that she came on Cloudnine and shared such lovely memories with us, it was a great time for both Cloudnine and Ritika.

Ritika shared her experience on Cloudnine saying; My experience with Cloudnine has been great! During the initial days of the pandemic, there wasn’t much impact.

Although once it started, I was assured that I would get access to all the help and information via online sessions and video consultations

According to what Ritika told us we understand that her doctor was very helpful throughout those tough times and was always available on call for all of Ritika’s concerns. Ritika shares that social distancing, cleanliness and hygiene rules were being followed strictly by Cloudnine hospitals, to keep the mothers and babies safe which she was very glad about. She says:

“A big thank you to Cloudnine for taking care of everything during these challenging times”

Sharing her experience about her doctor on Cloudnine Ritika says;

“Let me start with Dr. Susmita, my experience with her has been extremely positive. Each and every consultation was very clarifying and she gave me much confidence during my whole pregnancy. She has been there for me right from the beginning until I held my baby in my arms. So I want to give Dr. Sushmita my heartfelt regards

”Ritika next addresses pediatrician Dr. Vidheya Venkatesh, whom she sermonises as “a very caring and approachable person”.

Dr. Venkatesh had helped her with all her queries and fears regarding her baby's health and he did advise her on how to take care of her baby as she was a first-time mom and would be pouring in questions tremendously.

She deliberates;

I am sure that I will be getting the best advice on Cloudnine even while going forward and I am confident that my baby is in good hands. ”

Last but not the least Ritika mention how caring and helpful the nurses had been during this journey on Cloudnine,

She says:

“ Anytime, my baby and I needed any assistance, the nurses on Cloudnine were always there to help.

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So, a big thank-you to Cloudnine’s nursing team. I would also like to thank Cloudnine’ s management for helping me choose the best package for my baby and making sure that I had a comfortable and safe journey during these challenging times."

A few words of encouragement for expecting moms out there from Ritika:

I would like to tell all the moms-to-be on Cloudnine that I understand the feelings you all are going through during these tough times.

However, let me assure you that you will overcome all obstacles just like I did by following the guidance given by the doctors and support from staff on Cloudnine.

I promise that this would be the most amazing experience of your lives and I request to have faith in yourselves.

Wish you all the best in this beautiful journey of becoming a Mom on Cloudnine.

We cannot thank you enough, Ritika for eulogising the multitude of our efforts towards making the lives of numerous mothers and children on Cloudnine a celebration of joy.

We’ll cherish these words you’ve shared for Cloudnine. Needless to say, but you’re part of Cloudnine and shall always remain in our hearts!  

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