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Gear-up for your baby’s first words

December 3, 2020

Baby language is fun and so will this blog be. Hearing your tiny tots speak for the first time is magical!

So you had your baby a couple of years back and were wondering when would he or she start speaking. Of course in your heart, you know everything that your baby wanted to say. It’s a mother’s heart, after all, she gets to know what her baby wants!

While watching your baby growing, you must have observed several ways by which he or she would try to communicate with you. Your baby must’ve also tried talking to you but end up crying.

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The baby starts crying because he or she wants to communicate so much more but the lack of verbal skills put a full stop to it. So they tend to scream out of frustration, but they’re trying and isn’t that an intense form of communication?

The first words babies usually say turn out to be ‘babbles’ but that is beautiful to hear too. Just like innocent droplets of music, well that’s if you see it that way.  However, babies soon grow, so do their language skills and development methods, which improve their ability to express themselves with words, songs, rhymes, poems and more. But just as a baby has to crawl before walking, the baby will babble before talking.

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An important milestone for babies is babbling because it represents the beginning of real communication. Babbling starts around 4 months of age. This is the time when the baby starts experiencing and experimenting with sounds that he or she can hear and replicate as well as create. Babies learn to listen for:

  • A reaction
  • A response
  • Building social relationships

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The language of babies

Babies love flaunting their lovely budding language skills once they learn how to speak. True, you might not understand their language properly or what they’re trying to tell you, but this is what leads to the beginning of speaking real words.

You can also understand about your baby’s cognitive development, as they memorize and repeat sounds that you’ve spoken. Your baby will take the time to think about what he or she wants to speak, babies learn how to use verbal and nonverbal actions to express their wants and needs. They look so tender and loving while trying to express themselves.

The social component too, acts as a catalyst in this situation, as he or she learns the rules of language and socialization by watching you and learning how to react to sounds and to indulge in conversations verbal or non-verbal.

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Cloudnine will come to your doorstep to provide your babies with crucial vaccinations They realize that conversation is a two-way street, hence, they learn the ways of the communicating world as you take turns while conversing. Babies are genetically programmed to learn languages, they are directly affected by how others engage in conversation with them.

Your baby is learning how to talk

If you’re a new mother, please note that your newborn is already communicating with you, you need to pick up cues. So don’t hurry them because they’ll learn their language in their own special way. Your baby's verbal skills will increase as his or her vocal mechanism matures.

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Your baby will start increasingly relating to the environment in which he or she is developing. The initial, vowel-like sounds which babies make at the time of their birth become more clear by the 3rd and 4th months so be patient. However, if you feel that your baby has crossed the age of learning speech and still has not said a word you must talk with a pediatric specialist who may recommend a speech therapist. This may be useful in many ways.

To know more about the milestones to be reached by your baby, connect with Cloudnine’s renowned pediatric specialists via online consultation through “It’s our baby app”.

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