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Food your Baby needs when they are under 1 year of age

Babies under 1 year are in their most active growing stage. Babies’ brains and bodies are constantly growing from the time they are born. Their growing body and brain need proper nutrition. During the first 6 months, babies receive all the nutrients and minerals from their mother’s milk. All toddlers and infants need food that is high in calories, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats for the development of their body and brain.

Here are some foods good for your baby’s growth and development and can be given under 1 year of age..-

1) Banana

Bananas are easily available in the market and are a superfood for babies. Bananas are rich in potassium and are good in taste. Bananas are good for the digestive system and sustain energy. You can take a banana and mash it completely and can be given to your baby.  

2) Mangoes

Mangoes are said to be the king of all fruits and are a good source of vitamin A and are delicious to taste. Mangoes boost the immune system and prevent your baby from falling sick frequently. However, be careful not to give them the ones laden with chemicals and carbide, go for organic ones.

3) Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein. Only egg yolk can be given to babies under the age of 1. Egg whites are to be avoided until post 1 year. Ensure fully well-cooked egg yolk is given to babies mixed with other foods such as rice or potatoes etc. Egg yolk contains zinc vitamin A D E & B12.

4)  Baby cereals

You can try homemade baby rice cereals for your little one. Try different combinations of roasted grains for better nutrition. Stay away from too many packaged variants as it may contain way too much salt, sugar, additives etc.

5) Apples

Apples are available all season. Apples are also beneficial in boosting immunity and are good to taste. You can peel the apples off and boil them and can mash it and serve your baby.

6) Carrots

Carrots are a good source of vitamin A and very healthy for your child. Baked or boiled carrots can be given to your baby. Add a dollop of ghee or oil for better absorption of Vitamin-A.

7) Coconut water

You can give your child coconut water to drink. Coconut water is beneficial for your baby in the following ways –

-  Coconut water is rich in lauric acid which is the ingredient found in mother’s milk .it improves digestion and boosts immunity.

-  Coconut water can be given to babies to treat colds and flu. It contains vitamins, minerals and salt in an appropriate amount for treating fever.

- It is good for eliminating intestinal worms which may develop in babies.

-   Coconut water prevents vomiting and acts as a medicine in treating indigestion and diarrhoea.

It is recommended to give coconut water to your baby after 6 months of life.

Above was a list of some food you can give your baby under the age of 1 year. You can also try your own recipe of veggies and fruits and add an excellent flavour and taste to your babies food. For more information contact a pediatric nutritionist for effective guidance.

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