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Food Cravings During Pregnancy

So you’re pregnant?

Have you started craving for the best and most unhealthy food yet?

If yes, then it’s actually happening!

You’re officially and precisely going through ‘food cravings’ that are a common feature in pregnancy.

Food craving is a natural occurrence during pregnancy. Common food cravings include sweet foods, fish, dairy products fruits, ice cream, for desserts, spicy foods, pickles etc. Food cravings develop as a result of, one really knows that! Lack of a few essential minerals or vitamins could be one of the reasons for ‘food cravings’ is the wide-spread belief. But, certainly, that is hypothetical.

In addition to that, pregnant women also develop a sudden dislike or aversion for certain strong-tasting foods.

Studies show that the high hormone levels, mainly the Progesterone, present during pregnancy can alter both a woman's sense of taste and smell.

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What to do about cravings?

It’s completely alright to give in to those temptations at times as long as you’re following a healthy diet on a regular basis. Sometimes, it is better to turn away the wizard which says that it is okay to snack in an unhealthy way, since, after all, it’s the baby asking for it. New Moms-to-be! please avoid being selfless at this stage! It’s good to follow the patented “eat right’ directives and allow yourself to enjoy a hassle-free pregnancy.

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Try following these tips:

  • Eat regular, healthy meals, to help prevent sudden feelings of hunger
  • Choose healthy, low glycaemic index (GI) foods that keep you full for longer, like unsweetened rolled oats (porridge), wholegrain bread, baked beans and fresh fruit
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Stock your pantry with healthy snacks to eat between meals
  • Don’t do the grocery shopping when you are hungry

Avoid eating these things:

  • Soft cheeses
  • Sushi
  • Raw eggs
  • Undercooked meat
  • Alcohol

I’m not judging you if you eat such delicacies, but just for now, tell that foreign pallet of yours to dose off!

Also, please don’t lose your precious sleep over this! ‘Coz, “You have the right to remain Stress-free!

Keep in touch with your Doctors at all times.

They’ll guide you in the best way possible!

Happy eating, Moms-to-be, enjoy your food!

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