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Flu shots: A necessity for you and your family during current times

December 3, 2020

The current situation is a complicated one and the viral infection outbreak with symptoms of a common cold is to be blamed. However, our modern lifestyle has taken a toll on our immune system due to which taking precautionary measures like getting vaccinated for Flu become more important than ever.

Flu or influenza is characterized by fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, muscle and joint pain and malaise. Among young children, it also causes impaired respiration, dehydration, altered mental status, and irritability.

WHO recommends that countries targeting influenza vaccination programmes give the highest priority to pregnant women. Countries should also provide influenza vaccinations to children aged 6-59 months, senior citizens, people with low immunity and specific chronic medical conditions and healthcare providers.

As per WHO guidelines;

Importance of getting the Flu A.K.A Influenza Vaccine:

  • The flu virus spreads easily, anyone is prone to catch it and fall sick so the vaccination is innate to preventing the infection
  • Young children and pregnant women are at risk for serious complications from the flu, the vaccination is highly important for them
  • People with chronic medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes or any disease that decreases their immune system can be at risk, the Influenza Vaccine is to protect them too.

These people should avoid taking Flu vaccinations:

  • Anyone with a severe allergic reaction to the flu vaccine.
  • Anyone with a history of a severe paralytic illness also called GBS. inform your doctor in such a case.
  • People who have had a severe allergic reaction to eggs should make sure to inform their healthcare provider about any allergic reactions.
  • Anyone that is ill with or without fever should consult their doctors before getting the flu vaccine and take any action as advised by their physician.
  • If you are exhibiting any symptoms which are similar to the ongoing outbreak, consult your doctor a need to reschedule the vaccination.

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Concerns regarding Flu vaccines;

Is it possible that we get the Flu from a Flu Shot?

The flu vaccine does not and can not cause any viral illness. However, people might at times experience slight effects from the flu vaccination, like soreness at the point of the injection, a low fever, mild body aches, etc.

Where should we get a Flu Shot?

You can book a vaccination slot for yourself and your family by calling Cloudnine and schedule a home vaccination for the Flu. Considering the available slots, Cloudnine will send its specialist with all the requisite equipment in a perfectly sanitized ambulance to your doorstep to provide the vaccination to you and your family. You could also book an appointment with any Cloudnine’s centre in your city and get vaccinated.

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