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Final week: your baby is the size of a watermelon at 40 weeks!

Final week: your baby is the size of a watermelon at 40 weeks!

Congratulations mama! As you step into the 40th week of your pregnancy, you have officially crossed the 9+ month mark, completing full-term pregnancy. We know moms, the journey must have been hard and full of doubts and confusion, but you bore through it and saw till the end of your pregnancy! You are now simply days away from physically seeing and holding your little one, who you had only been seeing in glimpses in the ultrasounds over the weeks. This final week can make you very anxious regarding the arrival of the baby, but you must stay strong: patience is the key. This week, your baby is about the size of a watermelon.

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What can you expect to see at pregnancy?

  • Your baby will be around 48 to 56 cm in length and should weigh about 3.2 to 4.1 kg. However, these are standardized measures. These may vary slightly, and you need not be worried about them. 
  • Your baby’s skin immediately after birth may be drier than ever before, now that the layer of vernix and lanugo has almost completely shed
  • Your baby will recognize you and your partner’s voice immediately after birth. In fact, it might be quite comforting for them to hear you speak since your voice will be familiar
  • Your baby’s central vision is still developing, so their vision will be blurry for some time after birth
  • Your baby’s eyes may be swollen for some time after birth; this may be an added cause for their blurry vision
  • Your baby is most likely still curled up in the fetal position; in fact, it might take some time for your baby to realize that they have enough space now to spread and stretch their arms and legs beyond the cramped quarters of your uterus
  • Although the soft plate bones of your baby’s head may have made it easier for them to pass down the birth canal, it gives their head a conical appearance for the first few hours after birth
  • Your baby’s breasts and genitals may also be swollen at this stage
  • Your baby’s hands and feet might have a slight blue tinge to it, this is quite common and nothing to worry about
  • You will see red spots, acne or white dots on your baby’s skin and face immediately after birth, which is just a reaction that your baby’s skin is having to their new surroundings

Although they might not appear like what you thought newborn babies look like, it is perfectly normal, unless your doctor points out some specific abnormality. They might not look the cutest immediately, but that is because they are yet to adjust to their new surroundings. Give them some time, they will become the most beautiful thing you have ever laid eyes on!

What to do if you are still pregnant after 40 weeks

  • Getting impatient about it is not going to help you. You must keep calm, your baby will make an appearance when they are ready.
  • It has been proven that going for long walks can help induce labor. Take your partner along with you, and cherish these last few days that you get to spend alone with each other before the arrival of your little one

  • Sexual intercourse is another doctor approved method of inducing labor faster, so you might want to try that

Even though these are proven methods to induce labor faster, it is always better to wait for the baby to appear at their own time. Maybe your little guy is just shy! We understand that the end of pregnancy can get quite uncomfortable and distressing for you, but it is best to let nature take its own course.


Very soon, you will have come to the end of your pregnancy, and with your new baby in your arms, you will begin your journey as a mother. Anxiety and self-doubt are natural at this stage but trust us when we say, you’re gonna be a great mother! We wish you and your little one all the best and want you to remember,

Cloudnine loves you and is always there for you!

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