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Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits - The Complete Guide

Every diet regime that you have heard of includes the ever-present ‘handful of dry fruits every day’. Did you know that Dry Fruits are nuts, dried out fruits and have a lot of health benefits but most of us are unaware of exactly what qualities these have?

By the way, dried fruits are some of the healthiest alternatives to refined sugar, and they are an excellent way to satisfy a sweet craving. After reading this, probably you may prefer to cut down on those monthly once or twice ice-creams for a few dry fruits in your diet.

A fistful of Nuts is a healthy snack per se and in vulnerable groups, there is very good benefit associated with the consumption of dry fruits and Nuts!

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             NUTRIENT                                            FUNCTION


            Boosting Energy                             Good for weight loss.

                                                               Help in the proper functioning of vital organs of the body.


           Protein                                                Help in weight gain and increasing your baby birth weight.

                                                               Brain Development. Increases intellectual levels for growing children


          Fibre                                                      Relieve constipation

          Mono-unsaturated fat                    Reduction in risk of coronary heart disease, Diabetes



          Rich in vitamins                                                       Easier to digest than milk

      Vitamin - E act as an antioxidant                             Manages high Blood Pressure during pregnancy.
                                                                                      Minimize the risk of developing heart disease

        Riboflavin                                                                           Energy production, baby bone muscles and brain development.


Magnesium                                                                                Ensure the growth and maintenance of bones, proper function of nerve and muscles,
                                                                                      helps bowel movements, prevent Heart attack

Manganese                                                                                 It is important for healthy bones. It helps regulate your and baby weight gain.

Potassium                                                                                    Regulate Blood Pressure

Calcium (if you are avoiding dairy products on

account of Lactose intolerance)                                     Bone-building mineral. It reduces the risk of hypertension and pre-eclampsia during pregnancy.

                                                                                           It helps your baby to grow strong bones and teeth, healthy nerves and muscles.

Folate                                                                                                Prevent Neural Tube Defect(NTD), Good for pregnant women

Flavonoids                                                                                      Suppress breast cancer growth, Preventing colon cancer and other cancer. Strong suppressors of the lung, prostate                                                                                           tumour growth

Iron                                                                                                      Creation of new blood cells, haemoglobin

Copper, zinc                                                                                    Regulation of nervous system

Phosphorus                                                                                     With Vitamin B normal Heart Beat Muscle contraction Kidney function Nerve Signalling, Strengthening  of nerve                                                                                             and liver – respiratory disorder

Vitamin B1                                                                                        Prevents Cardio Vascular Disease

Selenium                                                                                          Fat absorption, lower cholesterol


NUTRIENT                                                                                         FUNCTION

Energy – glucose, Fructose                                               Sufficient sugar content.

                                                                                            Period of recovery.

                                                                                            Good for gaining weight.

                                                                                             A lot of energy.

Fibre                                                                                    Prevent heart disease and diabetes.

                                                                                             Relieves constipation, regulates weight and improves digestion.

                                                                                             Antioxidant Stimulate libido and induces arousal

                                                                                             Protect against free radicals which cause colon cancer

                                                                                             Moisture Helps to remove stones


Vitamin A                                                                             Good for eye


Iron                                                                                          Enrich blood, helps in treating anaemia

Potassium, magnesium                                                          Neutralize the acids and help check acidosis (acidity), Ensure the growth and maintenance of bones, proper                                                                                                   function of nerve and muscles and helps bowel movements.

                                                                                                  Prevents pregnancy induced Hypertension

Copper                                                                                                       Necessary for forming RBC

Calcium                                                                                                      Proper bone formation

                                                                                                   Absorption of calcium

Boron                                                                                                            Preventing osteoporosis in women in menopause

                                                                                                    Beneficial for bones and joints, dental health


NUTRIENT                                                                                                  FUNCTION

Energy                                                                                       energizing food, energy density

Fibre                                                                                                              Beneficial for weight management

Fat                                                                                                                   Oleic acid and palmitoleic acids that help improve good (HDL) cholesterol

Mono- unsaturated Fat                                                                        Useful for heart problems, Improving Cardio Vascular Condition. lowering LDL cholesterol levels


Vitamin B                                                                                                 Prevent myriad diseases. Phyto-chemicals which help in fighting many kinds of cancers and diseases

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)                                                                     reduces the risk of anaemia

Niacin                                                                                                          Helps in skin disorder

Vitamin K                                                                                                   Bone health and cancer protection


Magnesium                                                                                Muscle and nerve response – Helps in building muscles, bones, gums and teeth.

                                                                                                     Helps the body cope with stress, helping promote normal sleep patterns in menopausal women and helps                                                                                                      bowel movements

Phosphorous                                                                                               Development of healthy bones, normal heart rhythm and blood clotting. Improve recall and delay,

                                                                                                      age-related memory loss

Manganese                                                                                   It is important for healthy bones. It helps regulate your and baby weight gain.

Copper (cofactor with zinc and manganese)                             It helps to make use of iron stored in your body. It helps for organs and muscles to work smoothly.

                                                                                                        Healthy liver and brain – energy production, greater flexibility in blood vessels, bones and joints

Zinc                                                                                                                     Fight infections – regulate growth and development, gonadal function, digestion, and DNA (nucleic acid)                                                                                                         synthesis



Selenium                                                                                         Eliminating free radicals, thereby proving to be beneficial in preventing and curing cancer

Flavonoid                                                                                                          Use for eye functioning


NUTRIENT                                                                        FUNCTION

Energy                                                                  High in calories and energy.

                                                                              Helps for weight gain

Fibre                                                                                     Relieve from constipation and good for weight gain

                                                                               Intestinal disorders – a growth of pathological organism thus rise in friendly bacteria


Vitamin A                                                                               essential for vision, help to protect from lung and oral cavity cancers

Vitamin B6                                                                             Boosting Brain development


Potassium                                                               Beneficial for controlling diarrhoea. Boost nervous system health and muscle control. Help controlling heart rate, stroke,                                                                                  coronary heart diseases and blood pressure.

                                                                                Heart – protect against atherosclerosis, heart attacks and stroke

Calcium                                                                  Keeping bones, nerve, muscles and teeth safe and strong. Reduces HTN.

Iron                                                                         Balances inherent lack of iron in anaemic patients, increasing energy and strength while decreasing feelings of fatigue                                                                                 and sluggishness

Magnesium, Manganese, Copper                      Strengthening bones and prevent osteoporosis

Copper                                                                                Production of RBC

Sulphur, flavonoidanti                                         infective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hemorrhagic and cancer.

                                                                               Abdominal cancer

                                                                               excellent remedy for alcoholic intoxication


NUTRIENT                                                                        FUNCTION

Energy                                                                 helps stabilize blood sugar

Protein                                                                Weight gain and increase baby birth weight. Add complete protein to your diet

Fat (mono-unsaturated fatty acids

like oleic acid)                                                    Lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Lower LDL and increase HDL

Fibre                                                                   Feel fuller and prevents constipation


Carotenoids                                                      beneficial to eye health

Vitamin B6                                                         Helps prevent anaemia, cardiovascular diseases control cholesterol. Balances hormones and regularise period

Vitamin E                                                            protecting our skin and from harmful oxygen-free radicals



Potassium                                                       Good for hypertensives

Copper                                                            It helps to make use of iron stored in your body. It helps for organs and muscles to work smoothly.

                                                                         Helps in neurotransmission, metabolism and RBC synthesis.

Manganese                                                     It is important for healthy bones. It helps regulate your and baby weight gain.


NUTRIENT                                                               FUNCTION

Black walnuts prevent heartburn, high blood pressure and various skin disorders. It gets rid of intestinal parasites and tapeworms and helps in ensuring the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Protein                                                    Helps in brain function

Fiber                                                       Laxative – ease constipation

Omega 3 fatty acid                                     Helps in the development of baby eye and brain. Good for the heart, reduce the levels of triglycerides, anti-inflammatory benefits in                                                                asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema and psoriasis helps to increase the good cholesterol levels


Riboflavin, Thiamine                                Good for bone muscles and brain development.

Vitamin B6                                                           Reduces the risk of anaemia

Folate                                                                    Prevent Neural Tube Defect(NTD), Good for pregnant women

Niacin                                                                   Helps in skin disorder


Melatonin                                              protect against inflammation

Iron                                                        Creation of new blood cells, Haemoglobin

Magnesium                                          Bone formation.

Phosphorus                                                 Kidney, muscle and nerve function

Copper                                                           It helps to make use of Iron stored in your body. It helps for organs and muscles to work smoothly. Helps in neurotransmission,                                                              metabolism and RBC synthesis.

Manganese                                                  It is important for healthy bones. It helps regulate your and baby weight gain.


NUTRIENT                                                   FUNCTION

ENRGY                                               Energy-dense

Fibre                                                           Relieve from constipation and good for weight gain. Prevents GDM.


Vitamin A                                           Important for eye and bone health.

Vitamin E                                                    Prevents Pre Eclampsia (High BP)


Copper                                            It helps to make use of iron stored in your body. It helps for organs and muscles to work smoothly. Helps in neurotransmission,                                                          metabolism and RBC synthesis.

Potassium                                               Improve muscle control and helps to prevent Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

Magnesium                                    The proper function of nerve and muscles.

Iron                                                   Helps increase blood volume

Calcium, Phosphorus                       Bone formation.

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Additional Benefits

Nutrients                                                        Benefits                                                                                                                                                          Dry Fruits & Nuts

Protein                                                  Helps in weight gain and increasing baby birth weight                                                         Peanut

Fibre                                                      Helps to prevent heart disease and Diabetes.

                                                              Regulates weight gain and improve digestion                                                                 Dried apples, Dried Bananas, Dried Fig, Peanuts

Vitamin B6                                           Helps prevent anameia, treats heart disease and high cholesterol                                        Dried Bananas

Vitamin C                                            Strengthens the immune system and helps to prevent heart disease                                      Dried Bananas

Vitamin E                                             Can prevent problems in the later stage of pregnancy

                                                             due to high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia)                                                                           Peanuts, Pine nuts

Vitamin K                                             Important for normal blood clotting and making proteins for bones                                            Pine nuts

Iron                                                      Having Enough iron in your body prevents anameia                                                                     Dry Fig

Zinc                                                    Improves immunity.

                                                           Helps form baby organs, Skeleton, nerves and circulatory system                                            Pine nuts

Copper                                              It helps your body to make use of the iron stored in your body.

                                                          It is also important for organs and muscles to work smoothly                                                      Pine nuts

Manganese                                        It is important for healthy bone. Regulates mother and baby weight gain                                  Peanuts

Magnesium                                        Ensure the growth and maintenance of bones,

                                                           proper function of nerves and muscle and helps bowel movement                                             Dried Bananas, Pine Nuts

Phosphorus                                        Helps in forming healthy bones. Develop Blood Clotting and normal heart rhythm                       Peanuts

Calcium                                               Reduces the risk of hypertension and pre-eclampsia during pregnancy.

                                                            It helps your baby to grow stronger bones and teeth, healthy nerves and muscles.                    Dried Fig

Potassium                                          Improve muscle control and maintains blood pressure                                                              Dried apples, Dried bananas

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