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Different Types of Exercises and Its Benfits

March 8, 2022

Exercise means any bodily activity that helps to maintain physical fitness and overall health of the human being. There are different types of exercises: 


Aerobic exercises means physical exercises that require oxygen. During aerobic exercise, the oxygen is carried to your muscles to meet the energy demands. It is also referred to as cardio exercise, which includes any type of physical activity that can be sustained for an extended period of time, uses large muscle groups and increases heart rate. In other words it is called cardiovascular conditioning. Different types of cardio/aerobic exercises are:


  • Cycling
  • Cross training
  • Walking(normal/brisk)
  • Rowing
  • Running
  • Dancing
  • Benefits of aerobic exercises include Weight management/weight gain in check, increases stamina, fitness and strength, strengthens heart, boosts ones mood, Improves lung function and keep lifestyle disorders in check. 

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Strength Building

Strength training which also known as resistance or weight is training, is a form of anaerobic exercise that involves the breakdown of glucose (sugar) for energy without the need for oxygen. The main focus of this exercise is to build and maintain muscle mass through the use of bodyweight or external resistance or weights, such as free weights or weight machines. 

  • Benefits of strength training exercise include increase in muscle mass for large group of muscles like calf, thighs and arms. It also leads to increased strength in the body, controls increase in body fat and improves bone health. It decreases the risk of injuries, Strengthens joints thus reducing muscular imbalance issues. 

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Balance Training

Balance training exercises are slow, controlled movements that engage and strengthen core muscles, which include the muscles in your abdomen, back, and pelvis. Performing these exercises benefits everyone and can improve person’s ability to carry out daily activities with much ease such as lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs, or standing up from a chair. This type of fitness is sometimes referred to as functional fitness.

Instability, poor posture, and decreased performance may occur as a result of weak core muscles. Regular stability exercises incorporated in daily routine strengthens the core muscles and improves stability. Some Examples of stability exercises include bridging, planks, push-ups, wobble board exercises. Pilates is also a really famous form of exercise for improving stability and core strength these days. 


Flexibility is a very important aspect but quite ignored by everyone. It’s important to have some level of flexibility in order to carry out daily activities. For example bending down to pick up an object or lifting something overhead or looking back to reverse your car, all these require flexibility so that it can be performed without pain or cramps. Stretching exercises help to improve flexibility of overall body. There are four types of stretching exercise:

  • Active stretching, (active stretching focuses on using one muscle group to stretch another)
  • Passive stretching, (passive stretching uses an external force to provide the pull for the stretch)
  • Dynamic stretching, (stretching the muscles while moving the body part repeatedly)
  • PNF stretching (PNF stretches are very focused, similar to passive stretching, and the physical therapist will specifically focus on target muscles by holding you in position). Stretching exercises help to maintain the flexibility and range of motion of joints allowing person to be flexible enough to carry out daily activities with ease. 

Benefits of stretching exercises: 

  1. Increases range of motion
  2. Decreases stiffness
  3. Decreases muscle soreness post exercise
  4. Warm up for the body pre exercise
  5. Helps to improve posture and maintain good posture
  6. Decreases cramps in the muscles

All of you can choose for yourselves as to which form of exercise suits you the best and keeps the body and mind healthy and fit.

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