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Did you know your baby’s tummy is really tiny?

December 3, 2020

It’s a pleasure to hold your newborn in your arms for the first time. But if you’re worried about how to plan a feeding schedule for your baby. We’re here to your rescue!

Getting to know about the size of your baby’s stomach should help you understand how much and how many times a day your baby needs to be fed.

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It’s surprising how small your baby’s stomach actually is!

Don’t worry though, your baby's stomach will grow quickly. It will be as big as an apricot by the end of the first week. By the end of two weeks, it will be the size of a large hen's egg. However, he/she will still need to feed at night at least for the 1st six months.

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Newborn babies are tiny and with their even more tiny belly, they have no room to drink all the milk they need at once. That’s why the slightest of air bubbles take up much space because of which your baby may need winding during and after his/her feeds.

1st day When your baby is just born his/her stomach is as big as a hazelnut. Owing to the small size of his/her, your baby will have to feed quite often to keep himself/herself feeling full.

2nd day By the second day, your baby's tummy will be about the size of a cherry. As your baby’s stomach grows he/she will be able to take in a little more milk with each feed, but the baby will still need to feed every 90 minutes to two hours.

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3rd Day By the third day, the baby’s stomach will have grown to about the size of a walnut that’s a lot bigger from the day the baby was born.

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End of 1st week Towards the end of the first week, your baby’s stomach will grow to the size of an apricot. That’s when your baby should be putting on some weight and be using around six nappies a day.

10 to 14 days Around this time the expansion of your baby's tummy will slow down for some time. Although,  your baby’s stomach will be roughly the size of a large hen's egg by the time he/she is two weeks old.

A full-grown Adult Your baby's stomach will continue to grow until the baby grows up and becomes an adult. Once he/she is fully grown, his stomach will be about the size of a grapefruit. How to feed your baby and what to feed while they’re growing up, don’t hesitate and get in touch with Cloudnin’e specialists for guidance and advise. Be assured your decision to do so will be correct.

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If you ever have any doubts regarding how to feed your babies and what to feed them while they are growing, connect with Cloudnine’s specialists. They’ll guide you well and you’ll easily be able to follow their advice.

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It’s interesting how your tiny little babies grow up so fast. One day they’re peaceful sleeping in your arms and then suddenly one day they’re all grown up and are strong enough to hold you in their arms if they are boys, even girls at times or look after and take care of you. That’s the circle of life and it’s beautiful. Cherish every moment of their growth.    

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