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Diaper Bag Checklist: Essentials to pack in a baby's diaper bag

Hello new Moms, a huge shout-out to you for giving your best at caring for your newborn. I couldn’t possibly emphasise more on how difficult a task it is, but you’re doing it with love,  you’ve held it together and let me add that You’re Doing Great!

Organizing your baby’s diaper bag is one of the things that keep you calm in times when you almost might be hitting the last-ditch. Your toddler’s diaper bag can save you from an anguishing outburst that could have left you feeling hopeless.

Getting your baby’s diaper bag ready is equivalent to sorting out your life.

Here are a couple of essential contents you need to add in your kid’s diaper bag:

1. Diapers

What’s even a diaper bag without Diapers, right!

I’d say go for at least 5 diapers. That should do it if it’s a day’s affair.

Keep a Huge zip-lock bag with extras in your car just in case it’s needed because with a baby, you never know when it’s time to change.

A few diaper care tips to keep in mind here:

  • Use diaper rash cream before the use of the diaper and after every cleaning
  • Apply the cream to the entire area in touch with the diaper
  • Change your baby’s diaper frequently to avoid getting your baby in contact with any infection.

2. Zip-Lock Bags  

You need this one because you don’t want your kid’s dirty clothes floating around in the diaper bag.

3. Wipes  

Hey! Of course, you’ll need that. How else will you clean-up remanents of the ruins! It makes your travel much easier in times of a catastrophe, your wipes clean out most of the dirt and is simple to use.

4. Diaper Changing Mat

I’m telling you, Miss, that a Diaper Changing Mat will make life much easier!

5. 1-2 Extra Outfits

Trust me, it’ll be a lifesaver

6. Small Hand Sanitizer

Needn’t avoid that, Ever! Keep one of these sanitizers in each of your bags, you will need them, always!

7. Disinfectant wipes

Yes, new Mommies of those adorable babies, keep it with you! No matter what you do, something will fall and get dirty, that might accumulate germs too. You could use those wipes to disinfect your articles and then run them under some warm water.

8. Diaper Sacks

Segregate to build it right! You don’t want to be that person who’s known to be clumsy with her kid’s used diaper. Keep a diaper disposal sack to collect the used diapers to discard later.

9. Diaper Rash Cream

Now Mothers, please use rash creams prescribed by your baby’s doctor because you never know when the rash might strike, it’s best to be prepared.

10. Snacks for the mom

You couldn’t possibly go wrong here! A hangry mom is someone to be feared!

New moms often forget to eat while looking after their babies, this is one of the most common issues which make them irritable and careless. Remember to keep something with a lot of protein to snack on!

11. Toys for the baby  

That’s Vital stuff! The baby needs a toy for distraction at times and keeping his favourite teddy bear or bunny rabbit might help calm him in trying situations.

12. Nursing Cover

A nursing cover can help prevent awkward moments when your baby suddenly needs to feed. This might turn out to be quite handy. You can choose the perfect pattern and fabric akin to your taste.

13.First Aid kit

I hope you don’t need it but saying that keeping a safety kit might be useful in many situations for everyone.

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14. Clear Travel Bags

The clear travel bags which have compartments can be used to keep all the ointments and rash creams and sanitisers and more. These bags are more useful as you can locate exactly where the required article is without fidgeting with the bag during a crisis.

Follow the list and pack an amazing diaper bag for your baby! Cheers!

Being a new mom is the biggest job a woman takes up and she does a perfect job. Every new mom’s technique might be different but the love with which they do the job is divine and eternal, and no one can love another like a mother loves her child.

Here’s a tribute to all the mothers who put in their 101% to make the world a better place for their babies;

She’ s not just a pillar for her family, She sustains life itself! Sure, at times she’s a mess, But have you ever seen her letting it fall apart? No, never! She’s the softest, but also solid as a rock, Humble yet strong. Her struggles are beyond tensity; Her fears exhaust her. But, when it comes to her child, She stands, And so tall she stands that even mighty mountains bow to her in reverence. She is the Mother, Gloriously unparalleled!

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