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Cramp Cures: Best Home Remedies to Treat Period Cramps

December 3, 2020

Do your periods knock you down each month? Strike back at the pain with these easy home remedies.

If you feel like a battle-scarred soldier in bloodshed at the onset of your period, it’s a good idea to amp up on the ammunition against your mortal monthly visitor. Here are some ways you can shield yourself from the inevitable monthly pain.

  • Stay Active

Yep, we hear you. How can I even get out of bed when I’m in so much pain? As counterintuitive as it sounds, physical activity can give you relief from menstrual cramps by stimulating blood flow, and in turn, releasing endorphins to work against the prostaglandins causing the cramps. While staying active during your period can be golden in easing your pain, it’s important to maintain a consistent exercise routine throughout the month to take your body to augmented activity levels. If menstrual cramps unfailingly come your way each month, this is more important than ever.

  • Use a Heating Pad

A warm, toasty bag can be a blessing when your uterine muscles take on a life of their own during your period. Heat can help the muscles relax and consequently, ease your pain. Consider buying an electric heating pad to keep you company through the night.

  • Get Enough Vit D

Studies show a vitamin D deficiency can aggravate menstrual cramps, so if you are a silent sufferer of period pain, have your vitamin D levels checked. A basic vitamin D supplement may be your golden key to pain relief.

  • Inhale, Exhale

Your mind, body and soul are all linked at a subliminal level; interconnected like the three sides of a triangle. Naturally then, when one bends, the others do too. High levels of stress and anxiety can affect the reproductive system and exacerbate premenstrual syndrome and cramping. Practise stress-relieving techniques like yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercise to lighten the load on your mind when you’re in intense pain. Focus on breathing and try and dissociate with your pain. By separating your body and your mind, you can put mind over matter and treat your pain in an objective way.

  • Tweak Your Diet

Your diet can go a long way in altering the way your body responds during your menstrual cycle. By reducing your fat consumption and augmenting your intake of veggies and fruits, you can curb inflammation in your body. Start small and scale your diet. Swap out unhealthy saturated fats with unsaturated fats like olive oil. Also, foods rich in magnesium can be therapeutic for period pain, regulating nerve and muscle functioning. Try including more dry almonds, spinach and methi on your plate.

  • Take Fish Oil Supplements

Studies show that fish oil or vitamin B supplements can provide long-term relief to period pain. Ask your doctor about adding these to your daily regime.

  • Water Your Way

Water has wondrous properties and can actually ease painful bloating by preventing water retention. Try rounding off your meals with a cup of warm water. Hot fluids can promote blood flow and relieve writhing muscles. Also, increase your intake of foods with high water content. Lettuce, watermelon and cucumber are some options.

By taking matters into your own hands (with your doctor’s approval, of course), you can win the battle against painful periods and build a fortress of comfort that ensures pain-free protection throughout the month.

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