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Counter The Challenges Of Ageing Ovaries In Young Women!

Inability to get pregnant, somehow always springs nasty surprises. Sample this…What if you were told that though you are young… have OLD eggs and that you need to borrow some from another donor so that you may be a mother!! Bizarre as it may sound, this too happens thereby prolonging the agony of any family in the making. The field of infertility poses many challenges every day, but the sweet success achieved somehow makes the journey worth it. In recent times, it is not uncommon to come across young women, trying to conceive and planning their first pregnancy, being diagnosed with decreased ovarian reserve. In other words, even though these women are young but have aged ovaries with very few eggs.

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The known causes for diminished ovarian reserve could be inherent genetic factors, previous surgeries, radiation exposure and environmental factors. But in some women, it may not be possible to establish a definitive cause for decreased egg numbers. The condition comes in as a harsh reality for the woman, who has been trying to get pregnant. We encountered such a lady with diminished ovarian reserve at our clinic. She had been advised to go for donor Oocyte for conception elsewhere before she came to us. But the lady was very keen to try with her own eggs. After discussing her condition in detail, she was counselled about the pros and cons of trying IVF with her own Oocyte.


A novel treatment protocol called double stimulation was started for her. Herein, the follicles are stimulated and Oocyte is obtained twice within a single menstrual cycle. The idea is to pool maximum number of embryos as early as possible. This lady got three eggs in two back to back stimulations within a single menstrual cycle and 3 embryos were formed. The embryos were then transferred in a frozen cycle. The lady conceived in the first cycle itself. Today she is a happy mother with her own genetic child.

Frequently asked questions for common disorders:

A lady aged 25 years married for 3 years trying for pregnancy since 2 years asked “I have PCOS. How can I conceive.”?

PCOS is a treatable cause of infertility and is associated with ‘Anovulation’. So you can get your hormonal profile checked and then doctors can induce ovulation with the help of medication/injection and when your egg reaches adequate size, they can proceed for procedures like IUI which will lead to a positive result.

A patient aged 34yrs, married for 6 years asked “I have got my semen analysis done few months back and my sperm count is zero. How can I have my own genetic baby”?

These days there are procedures such as TESE/TESA available through which your sperms are procured and thereafter IVF-ICSI can be performed by which you can have your own genetic baby.

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