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Cloudnine's Miracle Baby VARDAAN

December 3, 2020

Vaibhav Kulshreshtha who works as a Manager for IT & Administration in an International School had his baby Vardaan at Cloudnine on July 16th 2012. Here’s his experience that he wants to be shared with other parents.

“My wife, Ritu had a premature baby and was born at Cloudnine. In fact, my wife had a fibroid in the uterus and before moving to Cloudnine, we were consulting with another hospital in Bangalore. It was a reputed hospital but somehow when they were doubting of Tube pregnancy I wanted a more confident team to handle my baby.

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While searching on the net about Tube pregnancy, I found it could be very risky. To avoid any complications, we decided to take the second opinion as we felt the previous hospital was not answering our queries correctly. We selected Cloudnine, Jayanagar. And today I can proudly say that our decision was right.

My wife complained about the water leakage when she was in her 26th week. We reached Cloudnine and met Dr Anuradha. She was admitted to the hospital and was under observation for 3 days. On Monday, 16th July 2012 morning we got a scan and Doctor told us that there is a risk in going ahead with the birth of the baby.

Dr Nandini Nagar, the paediatrician explained to us about the risks after delivery and there were only 25% chances to survive. We decided to go for delivery through C-section. Discussion with Dr Nandini, Dr Anuradha and Dr.Kishore gave us confidence that our child will be in those 25% cases.

Baby “Vardaan” was a Preterm baby with Very Low Birth Weight of 0.760 Kg. He was having Hyaline Membrane Disease, Patent DuctusArteriosus, Gastro-oesophageal Reflux disease, Apnea of Prematurity, Neonatal Sepsis, NonatalHyperbilirubinenia, Anemia of Prematurity, Retinopathy of Prematurity and Osteopenia of Prematurity.

He was transferred to NICU immediately after birth.  “Vardaan” was at Cloudnine for 70 days and those days were the toughest days of our life. Dr.Kishore, Dr Nandini, Dr Girish, Dr Abhay, Dr Ravi, Dr Dinakar, Dr Suma, Dr Syed were always there to answer our queries and most importantly updating us with the ups and downs.

We always had a positive attitude with any unexpected things. We always faced every new day with courage, and a smile, though we were worried about him. During those 70 days, Cloudnine was our ‘First home’ as we used to go home only for rest. My wife remained there throughout the day and I spent time with him before and after my office hours. During vacations, we spent the whole day there only with him. That’s what the best thing in Cloudnine that they allowed parents throughout the day.

Vardaan which means ‘Giver of Good Fortune’ is now free from all complication and doing well.

Thanks to Cloudnine Doctors and Nurses who gave the utmost care for my baby.”