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Cloudnine’s Chennai Centre coming up, Participate in the Antenatal Workshop

December 3, 2020

For all the moms-to-be in Chennai, the maternity expert Cloudnine has some news. We’re coming to Chennai and as an inaugural initiative, we have a special gift for parents-to-be. Cloudnine is organizing a free Antenatal Workshop on Feb 1, at Hyatt Regency, Chennai, from 10:30 to 1:30 pm.

The antenatal Workshop will be jointly conducted by Cloudnine Managing Director Dr. R. Kishore, Group Medical Director and a team of functional experts. The Antenatal Workshop is an informative, free of cost event that will help you comprehend the essentials of pregnancy better.  It will also ensure that dads-to-be are not left behind!

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The Antenatal Workshop will aim at helping expecting couples with useful information and techniques, busting commonly heard myths and answering all questions they have. Owing to a modern lifestyle, faulty food habits and varying health conditions, pregnant women are burdened with many doubts and fears. Cloudnine’s Antenatal Workshop has got an answer to your queries.

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The key focus areas of the Antenatal Workshop

  • Introduction and concept of antenatal sessions
  • Process of pregnancy and basic changes it brings – a brief overview of the trimesters
  • Preparation for childbirth – natural and caesarean mode of delivery
  • Basic anatomy and physiology of childbirth
  • Overview of labor, signs of labor and labor progression
  • Advanced pain relief options available in Cloudnine Hospitals for painless labor

  • Importance of dad’s role during pregnancy and beyond
  • Care of the newborn and immediate postnatal care, including neonatal screening
  • Introduction to the concept of stem cells and the collection procedure
  • Exclusive Nutritional sessions to boost  up a healthy lifestyle during maternity
  • Lamaze (breathing techniques) and Pelvic Floor Exercises to prepare you for painless and normal delivery
  • Exercises to keep you fit, right postures to help you maintain your balance and correct sleeping positions during pregnancy

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An additional feature of the workshop is the introduction to Cloudnine.

The Antenatal Workshop has limited seats, so get yourself and your partner register now for the Antenatal workshop. We will confirm your registration as soon as we receive your details.

There are also a lot of goodies to be taken home, so hurry up and book your place!

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