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Cloudnine Wishes Her a Beautiful Pregnancy Journey Again - DIYANSH

December 3, 2020

About to become a mother for the second time, Nisha Sanghvi, presently consulting one of the doctors at Cloudnine shares a poem, almost in the form of a short memoir she put down for her child. She wrote this for her first child Diyansh when he was about to turn four.

Cloudnine wishes her a beautiful parenting journey again.


God asked me what do I want? I answered I want you.

A form of you whom I can touch and talk to

God said your wish will come true

My prayers were answered

In Nov 2007, I was blessed with Diyu

I had tears in my eyes I looked at God, he was all smiles.

I gently hugged my baby, wow I was now a mommy

I looked at him

Colour as white as milk. Hair as soft as silk.

With tiny hands and feet, his voice was very sweet

Time passed by, when does it ever stop?

Diyansh was growing, my life was glowing

I smile when he smiles, I want that moment to freeze

Cos his smile is like some fresh breeze.

His talks, his questions, his smartness

Always give me so much happiness

God let his pain be mine, let his tears be mine,

Let him always be fine!

Diyu, I love you.