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Cloudnine will take care

December 3, 2020

The current situation started off with creating chaos around the world. However, doctors and healthcare workers and many others haven’t given up, they’ve been fighting the pandemic and trying their best to save as many lives as possible. Many would-be moms are most affected by the influence of the current situation, although they never give up. We, On Cloudnine, want to give them the best we ‘ve to offer because We know moms.Today we’re in conversation with such a mother who although affected by the current situation, moved through and successfully delivered her baby on Cloudnine. MomWarrior Pooja Singh, who is from Varanasi and is a new Mom. She starts with an anecdote for new moms on Cloudnine.


“The time is difficult but it will pass too, and if you are with your family, enjoy this time. think positive and be safe, and rest Cloudnine will handle.” Pooja was hoping for normal delivery but due to some complication, decided to go ahead with a c-section.


She adds;“The time is really tough for newborn babies and especially for their parents as we can't go and check about the baby's normal growth like height and weight. but I really appreciate this video consultation as whenever we have any query or doubt about the baby's wellbeing we can talk to the doctor and discuss the same. We don't have to step out every time as it's very critical for mother and baby, and home vaccination is also a very useful facility as we can't ignore the vaccination schedule of our newborn babies.When asked about her doctor, Pooja says that Cloudnine Noida was very good and satisfying. Doctors were available on whatsapp for her tiniest query and doubt. Nurses and care staff are well trained and handled the situation very well. Everything was at the top, be it cleanliness, doctors, procedures and all, even the follow-up was very good.


She delightfully gives Cloudnine much appreciation as she states;“A big thumbs up for the whole team 👍.”That thumbs up for Cloudnine that you shared Pooja, made our day! We, on Cloudnine, always see to it that we do our best for our clients.Must Read: An Angel Arrives To Spread Love And Joy"Want to consult the best gynecologists in India?"

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