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Cloudnine makes sure that everyone leaves for home happier

December 3, 2020

Becoming a parent and that too a mother is certainly not child’s play. It’s a strenuous task but no one can ever say that it’s not satisfying. Seeing your baby looking back at you with those innocent eyes, melts your heart. Your baby knows that you’re there, protecting him or her. That is unconditional trust and love. Your baby’s soft head resting on your chest while the baby is in tranquil sleep is a blessing, at that moment you realize that was the pure love you’d been waiting for all your life.

It’s not easy, but who cares about things being easy when the best occurrences in life are intricate, difficult even, but enlightening. Holding your newborn in your arms gives you purpose just like looking after the mom and her child gives purpose to Cloudnine. We say this with confidence and we know for sure that We Know Moms.

We care for moms and their babies just like a mom would do. Neha Agarwal, a new mom on Cloudnine was very happy with the services provided on Cloudnine and when we asked more about what she liked she let us know all that she felt for Cloudnine. Neha belongs to Gurgaon and is a loving and nurturing homemaker. Neha’s warmth can be felt by the wise and supporting words she extends towards us. We, on Cloudnine were very happy to connect with her. Let us spill some beans from her wonderful pregnancy journey on Cloudnine.

How was your journey especially given the current scenario(Covid19) with Cloudnine?

In spite of the coronavirus scare, my delivery experience at Cloudnine Hospital was very memorable. All professional help was available at all times, social distancing was strictly maintained by all patients and staff, temperature scan for every person entering the hospital was being done, the staff sanitised their hands and equipment every time they attended to the patient.

Only one attendant per patient was allowed, no visitors. Post-delivery too, doctors were available through video consultation and the option of doorstep home vaccination is a big help to parents like us with infants who are only a few days old. In all, we felt extremely safe at the hospital due to the professionalism of the staff.  

Cloudnine: Thank you Neha we loved serving you too!

Please share the experience you had with your doctor, paediatrician and other support staff.

My gynecologist was Dr. Sonal Singhal during both my first and second pregnancies. Thanks to her knowledge, experience and friendly nature, my pregnancy and delivery journies have been beautiful and happy ones.

I was out of town during most of my pregnancy but still was able to consult Dr. Sonal through phone and online consultations. She was available at all times on WhatsApp as well, to answer all my doubts and queries.

The nurses and staff at Cloudnine were also very helpful, polite, and very efficient at their jobs. I would like to make a special mention about Mariamma, the head nurse there. She was a big support to me during both my deliveries in the labour room.

We consulted Dr. Surender Kumar and Dr. Gopal Aggarwal for our little baby. They are both very knowledgeable and answered all our questions with a lot of patience. The doctors and nurses at Cloudnine seem to be very fond of babies and are passionate about what they do. :)

Cloudnine: Hearing that makes us happy, Neha. Please share some inspiring words for pregnant moms given the current situation.

The journey to becoming a mother is a very special and unique one for every woman and so I highly recommend Cloudnine Hospital to all mommies-to-be and new mothers as it truly makes it a memorable one. Also, especially in these tough times with the threat of coronavirus around, you can visit the hospital stress-free due to their high level of professionalism and safety standards. As the saying goes “Stay at Home, Stay Safe”, they truly make you feel at home. :)

Dear Neha, we cannot thank you enough for choosing and appreciating our efforts.

On Cloudnine, we keep in mind the needs of the mother and the child before all and even during times like these when life, as we know it, has come to a standstill Cloudnine has been moving ahead to help out with its services like vaccination at home for babies, online antenatal and nutrition classes for moms to be and new moms, yoga classes and video consultations and so many more services. Cloudnine wants to give the best services to all Moms.

We are very glad that it helped you and we’ll always try to be better for you and your family!

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