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Cloudnine Hospitals listed as the one of the 11 best start-ups of 2012 by Forbes India

December 3, 2020

Cloudnine Hospitals listed as one of the 11 best start-ups of 2012 by Forbes India

December 2011, Bangalore: Cloudnine Hospitals one of the country’s leading centres in maternal and neonatal care has recently been featured by Forbes India as one of the 11 most potential start-ups to look out for in the year 2012. Cloudnine is a venture of Kids Clinic, Scrips and Scrolls India Pvt. Ltd and Matrix Partners launched in Bangalore in 2007 and established its credentials in the healthcare sector.  The brand Cloudnine was evolved in the year 2011 and according to the listing and as per the company’s expansion plans the country will witness many more sophisticated maternal and neonatal centres in 2012.

Cloudnine takes pride in sharing the record number of over 8200 deliveries with zero per cent mortality rate and negligible infant mortality rate. The international standard treatment procedures, state of the art facilities, stringent protocols and a team of globally acclaimed doctors including eminent paediatricians, neonatologists, infertility specialists -all together have already set a significant standard for Cloudnine Hospitals. Cloudnine known for its International practices has won the Brands Academy Best Maternal and Neonatal Care in Karnataka in 2011.

To Know More: About Cloudnine

Carefully divided into two specific speciality brands, those are respectively ‘Cloudnine’ and ‘Sure Fertility’ are together one uniform commitment from Kids Clinic to bring forth a new revolution in maternal and infertility treatment.

Pubmatic, Druva,, Mydentist etc were amongst others to be listed in the 11 best startups by Forbes India. Cloudnine has been listed as one of the best startups to look out for in the year 2012.

According to Dr Kishore Kumar, Senior Neonatologist and CEO of Cloudnine hospitals, “Recognition in any form for the commendable work gives us immense satisfaction that we are on the right track. We know that from a startup in the city we will soon grow into a premier birthing network that will soon have branches across the country.”

About Cloudnine

Cloudnine has the distinction of delivering more than 8000 babies in Bangalore since its inception in 2007 with globally best in class morbidity and mortality outcomes – ZERO percent maternal mortality and 99.83% survival for babies despite them saving lot of babies as small as 500 gms and born as early as 24 weeks – similar to many developed countries. Apart from maternal care, Cloudnine also ranks as the premier institute for gynaecology and neonatal care services in the city. Cloudnine has pioneered the concept of “celebrating” the entire journey of pregnancy and beyond by introducing several innovations in which the mother and newborn are treated as “NORMAL people” rather than “patients”.

To Know More: About Specialities in Cloudnine

Cloudnine is a leading provider of maternity and infant care that offers gynaecology, paediatric, woman care and fertility services under “Sure Fertility” in which it has a success rate of above 56% - one of the best in the world. Currently based in Bangalore in Jaynagar, 2012 will witness more Cloudnine centres at Old airport road, Malleswaram and an additional dedicated High-Risk Annexe Centre in Jaynagar.

Cloudnine hospitals will soon be coming to other cities and metros and as their motto – “We are here to REVOLUTIONISE maternal and neonatal care in India” for the best possible outcome.

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