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Cloudnine Hospitals completes its 100th successful Antenatal session for would be parents

December 3, 2020

Cloudnine Hospitals completes its 100th successful Antenatal session for would be parents

-A compact course specially designed for effective pregnancy care and make the NEW parents – better parents -

Bangalore, January 14, 2011: Having a baby is an inexplicable feeling. For the expectant parents the joyous planning starts from the very first moment they get to know about the tiny arrival till the time the little one is born. But this phase can be extremely stressful for first time parents as they are unaware of all the nitty- gritty of the quintessential baby care and this makes to- be -mothers extremely nervous. To take away all their fear and provide the parents pure excitement of bringing a new life to the world, Cloudnine Hospitals, one of the leading providers of maternity and infant care today conducted another successful session of the much awaited and scientifically designed program – Cloudnine Antenatal Classes at Taj Gateway.

The workshop marked Cloudnine’s 100th successful Antenatal session held for over 3000 couples in the last five years. Pregnant women right from the beginning can benefit by attending these Antenatal workshops.

The reason Antenatal session is so popular is that it is not just open to Cloudnine moms but to any would be mothers in Bangalore. In addition to Lamaze exercise by which Antenatal classes are generally popular, Cloudnine offers relevant and updated wholesome package where information on A-Z of pregnancy, information on pain relief methods, signs of labour, importance of dads during pregnancy, body changes explained by a qualified expert, right nutrition during pregnancy, practical knowledge of Lamaze exercises, Do’s and Don’ts during pregnancy, stem cell banking information amongst others is addressed. This ensures Cloudnine’s Child birth education workshop is a wholesome package.

The hands on practical knowledge imparted by the team at Cloudnine ensured over 80 couples were benefited with the information on January 14th 2012 at Taj Gateway, Residency Road, Bangalore. The day-long program was conducted by Dr. Kishore, Senior Consultant Neonatologist & CEO of Cloudnine Hospitals along with a specialized team of Physiotherapist, Dietician and Stem Cell Expert from the hospital.

Speaking on successful implementation of the Golden Jubliee of the Cloudnine Antenatal session, Dr.Kishore Kumar, CEO and MD of Cloudnine said “We at Cloudnine have always ensured we offer programmes for mothers to be that enhances quality of the birthing experience in terms of information, overall experience by way of workshops, various sessions, innovative programs. Our Antenatal Session began with just 2-3 couples per session at the Cloudnine centre.

Today we have over 80 couples attending this workshop every month and this session ensures we bridge the gap of queries where they probably may not ask their Obstetrician but they can get answers here from the team of experts. Unlike earlier perceptions where it was believed that these activities were done to make money, people are well aware that these are really informative and useful. We are interested in educating parents, we have made it FREE for any pregnant mother provided they have registered to deliver with us. Also these classes are conducted scientifically by a TEAM of specialists who are well qualified to conduct such workshops.

He further added, “Unlike many other courses conducted in the city, we emphasize not only on Lamaze but many other aspects that a pregnant woman needs to know for the entire phase. Also the celebration of the 100th Antenatal Session marks an important milestone in the company’s growth chart as we have hosted such useful programmes in the interest of mother and baby care and will do many more.”

Cloudnine Antenatal sessions are complementary to Cloudnine mothers and are charged at Rs.2000/- for non Cloudnine mothers.

For further details on more such sessions please contact Cloudnine at 080 4020 2222 and get in touch with the PRO.

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