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First foods (4-6 months)

  • By around 6 months (note not before four months) your baby will be ready to eat solid foods.
  • First foods should be iron-riched baby rice cereal, followed by blander types of fruits and vegetables
  • Introduce one food at a time, no more than four to five days, to check your baby is not allergic.
  • The texture should be pureed

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6- months

  • After six months you can introduce well-cooked meats (beef, chicken, fish) –be sure to remove bones and gristle
  • If your child starts solid foods for the first time after six months ensure you begin with a rice cereal food. You can also introduce pureed foods before increasing the texture to other foods.
  • You can continue to introduce a variety of new foods and textures to ensure your baby receives a good balance of nutrients.
  • The texture should be ‘Mashed’ or ‘Finely Chopped’.

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9-12 months

  • It’s time to introduce wheat products like bread, pasta and oats, cheese, eggs unless there is a family history of food allergy.
  • Your baby is now ready to eat finger foods to encourage him or her on self-feed
  • The texture of the food should be roughly mashed or small finger foods ensuring all foods are well cooked to avoid choking.

12 + months

  • You can now introduce cow’s milk and more solid foods- remember to ensure the pieces are not too hard or too big to avoid choking
  • Your baby will now enjoy self-feeding many kinds of foods. However, do not leave your child alone while eating to prevent choking
  • The texture should include finger foods and other foods the family is eating

Note: 1.Cow’s milk to be given only after a year. Until such time breast milk is the best form of food until six months and if possible later to be continued.

          2. Health professionals recommend solid foods to be introduced from around six months but not before four months.

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