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Children’s Day Celebrations in Cloudnine Hospitals

December 3, 2020

Children’s Day Celebrations in Cloudnine

Cloudnine celebrated Children’s Day with much enthusiasm and fervour at all its centres. There were children from the Little Elly school from nursery to UKG who came in to ensure that  Children’s day is celebrated at Cloudnine too.Two Senior Cloudnine Neonatologists & Paediatricians from the Jayanagar office, Dr Lakshmy Menon & Dr Girish cut a cake for the kids.

These little chirpy children were amazed to see the babies at the NICU. They went back to their school happily clutching pink Cloudnine gifts wrapped in pink Cloudnine gift wrappers.

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At the Cloudnine Malleswaram centre, over 100 kids from Cluny Convent were present and Senior Neonatologists & Paediatricians- Dr Shekar Subbaiah, Dr Shashi Bhushan&Dr Aparna Shintre-Obstetrician & Gynaecologist took part in the celebrations.  Amidst the singing, dancing and reciting of rhymes, the children had a wonderful time as the entire hour was dedicated to them.

Azveston was the chief sponsor for the event.  Cloudnine Old Airport Road centre also distributed chocolates to the kids who had come for the paediatric consultations.

Here are a few pictures of the celebrations. Cloudnine would like to wish all the children a happy and successful year ahead.

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