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Celebrating Mother's Day: Health Conditions Affecting Working Mothers

December 3, 2020

Working moms almost always seem like they have it all together; work and life, baby and marriage. And yet, in that wonderful mix, their health often takes a backseat and manifests as a host of different medical conditions. With the kind of hectic lifestyles and sedentary jobs that many of us have, there is a bouquet of conditions that have emerged as the most likely to strike working mommas. Here is a spotlight.

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Headaches are a classic manifestation of stress, dehydration and sleep deprivation, all conditions that are common among working women. Many women are starved of adequate sleep because of workplace priorities and responsibilities at home, and often forget to arm themselves with sufficient water and nutrition.

How to Strike Back

The easiest way to fight headaches is to be well rested and sufficiently hydrated. If you have trouble maintaining a regular water intake, turn to technology to help you out. There is an array of apps that track water intake and sleep. If you have little ones that make sleeping a challenge, create a sleeping plan for yourself by assigning daddy duty to your spouse on certain nights. If you are still an occasional victim of headaches, give yourself some quiet time at work to retreat and unwind and try gently rubbing your temples.

Back Pain

Back pain is often the product of two things: long hours spent hunched over a desk and the weight of carrying your tot around. If you frequently wedge your phone in the crook of your neck, you’re also more prone to disc degeneration and muscular pain in the shoulders, back and neck.

How to Strike Back

Regular movement is key to preventing deep-seated back pain. It is important to avoid dropping your shoulders while seated and keep changing positions, to avoid stressing specific areas of your body. If it helps, maintain a timer for each position so that you are reminded of your resolution.


A combination of motherhood and corporate life can stir up a wealth of overwhelming emotions. Multitasking can take a toll on mental health and peace of mind and lead to stress and frenzy. A build-up of emotions can catalyse anxiety and keep you planted halfway between home and work.

How to Strike Back

You may have a million priorities that leave little time for self-care, but between taking care of your kids, your work and your husband, find something that rejuvenates and recharges you. Whether it is unwinding with a coffee, connecting with a friend or burning some stress and calories at the gym, downtime is important in keeping anxiety at bay and connecting with your inner self.


Working moms who are still nursing may find it a challenge to pump regularly at the workplace. However, if breast milk is left to accumulate for long periods, it can lead to engorgement, blocked milk ducts and mastitis. Mastitis is a painful condition that can warrant an antibiotic-based treatment plan.

How to Strike Back

Even when you return to work, it is wise to set aside time to pump milk to empty your breasts. Inform your boss about your need to be away during certain intervals, and seek a medical prescription from your doctor to substantiate your health condition. If you do fall victim to engorgement or inflammation, a warm, wet cloth can offer comfort to swollen breasts. Also make sure to gently massage your breasts before pumping.


Balancing a career and kids can compromise eating habits of working moms, leaving many deficient in vitamin B and iron. For moms who are still nursing, this depletion exhibits amplified effects.

How to Strike Back

A nutritious meal plan is the best way to stock your body with essential nutrients. However, if you still fall short on the nutrition scale, speak to your doctor about seeking multivitamin and iron supplements.

This Mother’s Day, gift yourself a resolution to make your health a priority. As the backbone of your family, nobody deserves this more than you do.

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