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Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment of Butt Pain during Pregnancy

June 15, 2023

Pregnant women experience a variety of pains during their pregnancies. Butt pain during pregnancy is common and is caused by several reasons. This pain is usually experienced in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Some women also experience this pain in their early pregnancies. The woman's body undergoes several changes during pregnancy. This may be one of the many causes of butt pain. Usually, this pain eases out on its own during or after pregnancy. But some need medical attention. Consult your doctor when you experience butt pain to know the underlying cause. The prevalence rate of pain in buttocks is high during third trimester. Proper treatment is necessary when the pain worsens. If you notice alarming symptoms, then butt pain during pregnancy must be

Addressed immediately. Here is a detailed overview of the causes of butt pain during pregnancy, the diagnosis and its management.

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Causes of Butt Pain during Pregnancy

  • There are several reasons for butt pain during pregnancy so there would be always number of things that could contribute to Pain in the buttocks during early pregnancy. Hormonal changes and changes in the body due to implantation can result in pain in the buttocks during the early months of pregnancy. Buttock pain during the later months of pregnancy is due to the pressure that develops in the uterus. The muscles of the hip and buttocks that are getting affected are.
  • Gluteus Maximus.
  • Gluteus Medias.
  • Gluteus minims.
  • Tensor fasciae latae.
  • These muscle help stabilize the pelvis and hip joint and the primary action of the above muscles are extension of hip joint that is ‘movement of hip backwards’, abduction that is movement of the hip joint sideways along with external and internal rotation of hip.
  • The above actions mentioned are a part of our daily mobility like walking, getting out of bed, getting out of the vehicle, standing, climbing stairs etc.

Since we have understood the structures that are involved let us understand some of the Specific causes of butt pain during pregnancy.

Pressure on the Pelvic bone and muscles

Pregnant women experience extra pressure on their pelvic bones and muscles due to the extra weight of the uterus and the pressure of the baby growing inside the uterus. The loosening of ligaments in the pelvic area can also cause butt pain during pregnancy. other than this individual life style like sitting or standing for prolonged hours, not exercising or immobility, faulty posture practices affects the overall weight distribution across all joints including pelvic. This may affect the major muscles around the butt that is gluteal muscle and Piriformis muscle causing pain and discomfort during daily activities.

Pelvic Girdle Pain

This is quite common in pregnant women. It is mainly due to the change in the shape and alignment of pelvic bones along with nature of the ligaments during pregnancy to make space for the growing baby. These changes can make your joints, muscles more susceptible for pains and aches, which gets triggered while walking and sleeping in the same position. PGP can also lead to butt pain. You can experience this pain in the buttocks during pregnancy (second or third trimester). Some of the symptoms of pelvic girdle pain are pain during walking, grinding of your pelvic bones and pain during sexual intercourse.


This condition refers to pain in and around the tail bone. The causes of this pain could be pressure at the tailbone due to repetitive stress, tightness of hip gluteal muscle, hamstring muscles that is muscles of the back of your thighs can also cause pain around the tailbone area, long hours of sitting that too on a hard surface or direct injury at the tail bone while performing any daily activity can worsen the pain and discomfort

Posterior pelvic tilt

A pregnant female adapts a specific posture called as posterior pelvic tilt which refers to excessive forward projection of the pelvis while standing or walking. This affects a stable joints as the weight distribution across the muscle is affected and there is gradual atrophy observed in gluteus muscle later it can cause issues related with pelvic floor muscles.


Woman staring to have labour pain or contractions may also experience pain around the back or buttock area. It is nothing but the movement of the baby trying to come out of the body. The pain can also be felt in the abdomen, thigh, pelvic muscles, etc. Symptoms of having true contractions or early labour are loose motions/diarrhoea, regular & spaced out abdominal pain and water breaks

Other reasons for butt pain are listed below

  • Gluteal syndrome
  • Shingles

Diagnosing Butt Pain

Some women experience buttock pain in early pregnancy symptoms, which should be treated under the supervision of a doctor. Doctors perform a physical examination to identify the underlying cause of butt pain and if it is muscular in nature and origin they may recommend visiting a physiotherapist. Further investigations may be recommended only when the pain intensity has not subsided and worsening with each passing day.


There are several treatments offered by doctors (OBGYN) to address butt pain during pregnancy.

  • Over-the-counter medicines based on a doctor’s advice.
  • Topical pain relief creams or ointments for temporary pain relief.
  • Your doctor may insist to use stool softeners if you suffer with hemorrhoids and anal pain


  • Physiotherapy treatment is decided only after a detailed assessment of the joint and structures of the pelvis as every pain may have different cause and structure involved and every individual would need different exercises depending on the same but the protocol can consist of stretching exercises of the tight muscle.
  • groups around the butt and pelvic to ease out the pressure. Gluteal activation exercises are the key to correct the posterior pelvic tilt, as practicing this posture for significant duration can not only cause pain in buttocks but can also lead to low back pain in further weeks of pregnancy and during postnatal period.
  • Hip stabilizing exercises to help with the joint stability and to build muscles strength of major hip muscles that we have mentioned earlier.
  • Ergonomic advice/Ergonomic care which would allow the area to heal gradually and prevent any further damage.

Home care programmed to address butt pain during pregnancy.

  • Practicing the right exercises provided to you by the professionals.
  • Including fibre in your daily diet if you have constipation.
  • Sitting on hot water to ease pain due to hemorrhoids.
  • A warm shower can help in relaxing the muscles.
  • Wearing a pelvic belt which would provides support to your pelvis and lower back.

Keep a check on various physical symptoms that arises during your pregnancy and inform it to your healthcare providers it helps to avoid complications. The above gives a clear insight into the causes and treatment of butt pain during pregnancy.

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Is buttock pain normal during pregnancy?

Yes, experiencing buttock pain is normal during pregnancy. Pregnant women experience butt pain for several reasons as mentioned above. Hormonal changes, the pressure on the pelvic bones causes butt pain in the last trimester of pregnancy. It may also take place due to certain pregnancy complications or other health issues.

What causes buttock pain after pregnancy?

There are several reasons for buttocks pain after pregnancy. The alignment of pelvic bones, stiffness or weakness of pelvic muscles can cause buttock pain after pregnancy. Other causes of buttock pain after pregnancy are sciatica, constipation, pelvic girdle pain, hemorrhoids and several other reasons.

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