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Can The Pregnancy Diet Influence Baby’s Taste Preferences?

December 3, 2020

Are you a pregnant picky eater?

Yes!! Then, it’s time to change your food habits. Why?? It is because what you eat while you are pregnant may influence your baby’s taste preference and food habits, later on. Your diet during pregnancy will decide whether your baby will be a picky eater or the one who likes a more balanced diet.

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Yes, the baby’s sense of taste develops earlier than you think. At around 21 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus develops taste buds completely. Thus, he/she can taste everything you taste. What you eat is transferred to the baby through the amniotic fluid when in the womb and through breast milk after the birth.

The baby gulps down around 200 to 760 ml amniotic fluid a day that carries a large number of flavours like salty, sweet, sour, and bitter, etc. Your amniotic fluid and breast milk taste and smells like your last meal. Pregnancy diet plays an important role in shaping the baby’s innate palate.

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Researches have shown that the food a pregnant woman consumes help shape the baby’s food preferences in later years. The mother who eats a lot of fruits and vegetables during her pregnancy has children who are less likely to make faces at the healthy foods during their early age.

So, if your kid turns out to be a fussy eater or too choosy when it comes to food, then, it’s you and your pregnancy diet that will have to be blamed. It may be because the kid wasn’t exposed to different foods, flavours, and taste when he/she was supposed to.

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But, the experiments also suggest that the taste preference of the baby can only be influenced when a certain kind of foods is repeatedly consumed by the mother for a long period of time during and after pregnancy. That means, when the fetus is repeatedly exposed to the same flavour, it may influence his/her innate palate. Now that you know your diet may affect your baby’s taste preferences in the later years, would that change your pregnancy diet in any way? Share in the comments below.

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