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Calcification of Placenta in Pregnancy

December 3, 2020

Placenta calcification can be now identified before birth, thanks to modern technology with advanced 3D sonar graphics. Calcification is also associated with diabetes or kidney disorders, hypertension or high blood pressure, although it is rare during pregnancy.

Calcification suspected during the time the baby is due is not an issue. However, calcification during the early stages of childbirth could indicate that the placenta is ageing before its time. That is dangerous as the baby could be affected in such a case.

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If this situation is monitored and taken care of in the early stages of pregnancy, the baby and the mother shall surely remain healthy.

Impact of Calcium  

  • Calcium is essential, especially during pregnancy, as the baby needs calcium for its body to develop.
  • If there is a lack of calcium in the mother's body, her bones might become brittle. The mother might have arthritis later in life due to the weight of the baby in the womb which she carried earlier.

  • If there is an increase in calcium in the expecting mother, the baby gets the amount of calcium needed for its development.
  • The baby is not affected by the excess of calcium intake by its mother, but the mother is affected.
  • Excess of calcium is not suitable for the body during pregnancy; hence a good dietician needs to be consulted who can suggest an apt diet plan for the expecting mother.

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  • Calcium should be consumed in a balanced form to experience the best outcome.

Prevention of placenta calcification

  • In case the pregnancy is 37 weeks or more, there is no need to worry.
  • The right amount of calcium needs to be consumed daily.
  • Overdosing of calcium with supplements ruins matters.
  • Consulting one’s doctor before consuming supplements.
  • There’s more risk calcification in case of diabetes or high blood pressure.

Placenta calcification’s impact on the unborn baby

  • Placenta calcification when the foetus is 37 weeks old is not abnormal; hence, there’s no need for induced labour or c- section.
  • Expecting mothers need to check their baby’s growth with their doctor more often.
  • Placenta calcification before 37 weeks becomes dangerous for the baby.
  • The younger the baby when calcification happens, the more severe the condition.

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The placenta can be diagnosed only by a pelvic sonograph is the only way to diagnose this condition. If a woman is carrying a baby less than 37 weeks are generally at a higher risk of calcification of their placenta. An ageing placenta indicates an unhealthy uterus due to which oxygen and nutrients don't reach the baby and the development and life of the baby could be compromised. Hence one needs to be careful.

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