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Welcome to Week 37

Congratulations! This week, you enter your 9th month. From now on, you may have to visit your doctor far more frequently for your final few prenatal check-ups.Want to consult an expert? Find the best pregnancy doctor in Pune

Update on Your Body

Although you have been gaining weight rapidly for the past few weeks, your weight gain may not be as steady from now on. You may have gained between 11-15 kilos by now. Your uterus will begin to prepare for childbirth soon and consequently, you may experience Braxton Hicks contractions. In the days and weeks to come, your cervix will begin to dilate in preparation for childbirth.


Update on Your Baby

Your baby is becoming rounder and looks more like a newborn now – the skin is gaining colour and looks less wrinkled. Your baby is probably in the head-down position by now, in preparation for childbirth. Even if your baby hasn’t yet attained this position, he or she will, in the coming weeks.Must Read: Pregnancy Week 38[caption id="attachment_23349" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Pregnancy week 37

Pregnancy week 37[/caption]

Your Baby’s Size

19.1 inches, or the size of Swiss chard.To Know More: About What to Do in Your Last Trimester

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Relieve pain around your vagina, buttocks and thighs by lying down or sitting with your feet raised.Use a maternity belt to ease heaviness or discomfort in your abdomen, or to relieve back pain.Pack your bags for the hospital. You’re only four weeks away from your due date and your baby may arrive sooner than you think!Must Read: Pregnancy Care Advice for Your Last Trimester[caption id="attachment_23350" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Pregnancy women in week 37

Pregnancy women in week 37[/caption]

Tips for an Expectant Dad


While your partner packs her bags, you may want to ready yourself too. Pack a change of clothes and pyjamas for your stay at the hospital. Keep your camera and batteries charged and ready to take those precious first snaps of your baby.Must Read: Live Q&A on The Three TrimestersGet in some final few dates with your partner before your baby gatecrashes your party of two!