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Bringing forth the future, becoming a mother

December 3, 2020

The pandemic might have been tough on us but certainly, it has taught many of us a few important lessons. Similar to the lessons we learn every day from the Warrior Moms, whom we are fortunate to serve.

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We look after them like a mother to a daughter during these tough times where many have been segregated from their families. We will not let the spirit of bringing a new baby in this world down by any means. Cloudnine is stubborn to make the life of all the Warrior Moms easy and smooth. We know moms. In return, we are all given the lessons of a lifetime by these beautiful and inspiring ladies.

Cloudnine Noida recently hosted Himani Garg, one such Warrior Mom. She swayed us away with the courage she brought in with her, always smiling at whatever obstacle that came forth. Women like her are the proud bearers of the greats to come in the future. Before she left us with a beautiful baby, we had a tete-a-tete with the charming lady from Noida.

Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself and how has your family supported you during this period?

I am Himani Garg, wife of Ritunj Garg. I am blessed with a baby boy. My family was very supportive during my pre and ante-natal. Before the delivery, they made sure that I follow the routine as advised by our doctor including eating good and healthy, regular walking, and restricting me from doing common household work. My husband ensured that I take a walk every day without fail.

Post-delivery my mother-in-law gave me healthy food every day which was necessary for the growth of the baby and my recovery from C-section. She bathed and oil massaged my baby every day and still continues to do it. She basically has given me time to heal while she looks after my baby boy. I was not allowed to work the month post-delivery. Currently, my baby is 2 months old and it is surprising how such a small child can also teach you many a thing every day.

Cloudnine was our first option always as it is renowned to have the best doctors for would-be mothers. I was insistent on getting the best doctors available and Cloudnine surely lives up to their standards when it comes to doctors. Also, we personally knew a doctor whom we wanted to be ours too. It is also one of the best rated so I specifically chose to go with Cloudnine.

How was your journey with Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

I had my delivery before the lockdown but I am sure that Cloudnine would have ensured proper precautions even in the pandemic. Further, in the lockdown period, I am not facing any problem regarding the baby's health. Initially, we were worried about the baby's vaccination, but Cloudnine made sure that the necessary services are provided.

They provided us with home vaccination and it was such a relief to not have to leave the house when a contagious virus is around. The Doctors are available for teleconsultation for the baby's health and vaccination, nursing staff provided door to door service for babies’ vaccines ensuring uninterrupted medical facilities during the pandemic.

Due to the lockdown, Cloudnine has taken up the responsibility to make life easier. We have come up with few services keeping the quarantine in mind. Video consultations with your doctor, pick-up services, home delivery of medicines, and free home vaccination among others. Also, we have introduced a full-scale check-up of every person who enters our hospital premises for the virus keeping our hygiene standards in mind and the hospital contamination free.

Please share your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff at Cloudnine?

Dr. Pratibha Singhal was a known doctor to our family since a few of our relatives had their delivery from her. We chose Cloudnine because we wanted her as our doctor. She is a very experienced doctor and polite in nature. She was easily available on call or on WhatsApp for any guidance during my gestation period. She even checked my reports online when required and suggested further steps to follow during my pregnancy. it was very helpful to have a person like her beside me. Her positive outlook worked wonders to calm my nerves and she made sure I wasn’t anxious about anything, even during my C-section.

Our baby's pediatrician is Dr. Piyush K Chandel. He always gives sufficient time for the baby's check-up and clarifies even our smallest doubts. As we are first-time parents, he makes sure to tell us minute details necessary for taking care of the baby. As new parents, we naturally have a lot of doubts from time to time. And it is still early so the whole experience as parents is still new to us. He answers all our questions very patiently and we couldn’t thank him enough for that.

The duty doctors, OT doctors, nursing staff, housekeeping staff, and all the other staff including guards, canteen staff were very supportive and provided timely responses. They made sure that we had a pleasant stay at the hospital.

Please share some inspiring words for pregnant women/moms at Cloudnine, given the current situation.

I would advise all expecting mothers to remain calm and composed in the current situation. Cloudnine will take care of all your issues. You should enjoy each and every precious moment of your pregnancy as this is a once in a lifetime experience. This pandemic situation is just a temporary event and will soon be in the past. But make sure to take all the required precautions as suggested by doctors. More importantly, trust in Cloudnine. Wishing good health to all the expecting mothers and you will soon have a healthy baby in your arms.

It was wonderful to host you on Cloudnine Noida, Himani. You might have not faced the recent obstacles of delivering during a lockdown but surely that doesn’t make less of a WarriorMom. Remember, Cloudnine loves you and will always be there for you.

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