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Bond....beyound the world

December 3, 2020

Motherhood…Experience even if I use all the pages existing in the world, I will have something more to tell.How to start….from where to start… Let us start from the day when my husband and I came to know this wonderful news. The world got changed totally. I changed from carefree girl to responsible woman. I registered to all the baby sites in the world. My hubby found the best book for me “What to expect when you are expecting” and you know how people do “Parayana( in Marathi)”( Read the same holy book again and again), I had done the same of this book. By the time I reached in 9th Month, I had finished reading this book at least 100 times ;)Thankfully my baby dint trouble in the tummy and those nine months passed very happily and we finally reached to the OT for C-section. It is said that when you are really happy you won’t smile, you would cry. I am not exaggerating. Something happened to me. When I saw my son “Krish” first time, my eyes were full of tears and I still remember that the wardboy asked me " why are you crying?" but only mother can understand no one else!!! This is the most unforgettable moment of my life.Krish made me and my husband happier ever. GOD blessed with me another son “Swar” in 2011. Swar has added different colors in our life and he has changed Krish from small baby to big brother :)With Swar and Krish now each day for me is new learning.Love you Krish and Swar!!