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Birthing And Beyond

December 8, 2023

Some relationships last forever, and we go beyond just your health and delivery. We support, pamper and walk the extra mile with you, for you.

There are some dreams that fizzle away as soon as you flutter your eyelids in the morning. Just like the night’s sleep, they too, are stuck in your thoughts, but you know they are just your imagination. Then there are dreams that you see while you are awake and do everything to make them possible. Having a child is one of those many dreams that couples see with eyes wide open, hopes brimming in their hearts, but a sense of uncertainty in their guts, weighing them down. While your heart is desperate to let a little fist clutch your fingers, your brain asks you to slow down.

Couples struggling with infertility have a lot to handle. In India, the 20s are when you are ‘supposed’ to get married and once that’s done, the nagging isn’t quite yet over. The demand for good news just takes over and God forbid if it doesn’t happen within the expected timelines, not just do the couples in question feel lost, the whole desire to even step out for a family get together vanishes considerably. Understandably, there’s a lot at stake for such couples.

The Story Of Gunjan And Yash


As traced in the last three blogs, Gunjan and Yash could not conceive naturally. But, their determination to have little feet running around in their house meant that they didn’t leave any stone unturned. In their quest to become parents, they visited a series of doctors who could help understand the cause and recommend tests and treatments, but it all went futile. That’s when they found a hospital and a doctor who clicked.

Dr. Pratibha, an experienced and celebrated obstetrician, and gynaecologist has been with the us for a long time and has earned her reputation because of her stellar career as a doctor. But then, records don’t always mean anything if a doctor’s people skills are off track, right?

With Dr. Pratibha, Gunjan and Yash found someone they could trust blindly. The first example of her merit evolved when Gunjan was asked to go in for IVF at the nick of time, without wasting effort on unnecessary tests and treatments. For the uninitiated, treatments for infertility are very tiring as they drain a patient not just physically, but leave them mentally tired, too. Therefore, if you are someone going through what Gunjan and Yash went through, you can save yourself some time by learning something from their experience.

Finding The Right Doctor

Your journey of becoming parents is an ongoing one. Therefore, instead of switching from one doctor to another, repeating yourself over and over again, it’s best to settle in on a doctor who you know can be your guide on this path.

Of the many things you would be considering, one question that’s sure to cross your mind is: Is this doctor going to put me through unnecessary tests? Every time your doctor asks for a test, or prescribes a medicine, if you are able to say that you are sure there is a reason behind it, then congratulations, you’ve hit a sweet spot. During your pregnancy, you need to focus on being happy, your health being at the able hands of a doctor you trust. So, find yourself a doctor who is able to do that for you. In Dr. Pratibha, Gunjan and Yash found exactly that.

That said, your doctor also needs to have medical intelligence capable enough to keep you and your child healthy at all times. With several high risk pregnancies pulled off with ease, Dr Pratibha is more than her degrees. She’s aware, abreast of all the cutting-edge technologies has put in order and of course, keeps the interests of her patients as her top priority.

Why Fear When The Support Is Here?

Pregnancy can bring in a wave of so many emotions. There’s anxiety, pure fear and excitement all bundled together to make this experience like nothing else you have experienced before. More often than not, it’s the diagnostic tests that are the most nervous phase in this journey. From cold gels on your abdomen to equipment that slide into uncomfortable parts, you need the right kind of support staff to prepare you and take you through the tests with minimal discomfort.

In fact, the first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat, chugging away like a little train; the first time you see him or her cuddled in your womb -- all these make for some really blissful memories that the album of your life will forever hold and cherish. But, as excited as you are, you need the right person to explain all these things that are going on!

For Gunjan and Yash not just had they found a great doctor for themselves, they had also  found a place where everybody would come together to make their pregnancy and delivery the best time for their lives. One such person was Dr Saroja, fetal medicine specialist, who made sure that Gunjan’s tests were all comfortable and that she could explain what was happening to her during the tests.

In addition, anesthesiologists, who assisted with Gunjan’s epidural made sure that she could sustain the vaginal birth and long labour of her twins with ease and their able support will be cherished by her forever. She also thanks the paediatric division for their efforts.

Making Birth An Experience

Suhaani and Yuvaan are one-and-a-half-year old twins who have captured Gunjan and Yash by the twinkle in their eyes. They are adorable, naughty and as bubbly as they could get. The parents are smitten and why not?! Their cuteness is almost magical. Ask Yash and he would be beaming as he says that the twins mean the world to him. Gunjan feels they are perfect. Suhaani is sharp and naughty, while Yuvaan is the easy-going-one, making an adorable  mess all the time. Their lives are full of beautiful moments, but behind the curtains of this picture perfect scene, there were people who made it happen.

For Yash, the birth of his twins was more than that. He saw the raw emotions in the labour room, the sheer perseverance on Gunjan’s part and just what a miracle childbirth is. With his perspective in life taking a 360-degree shift, this would not have been possible had he not been in the labour room.  

Dr Pratibha believes that birth is an experience that both parents deserve to have. While the mother experiences it physically, in the form of labour, Dr Pratibha insists on the fathers being present in the delivery room, too. In fact, she lets them cut the umbilical cord! Getting the father to live this unique, yet life-changing experience is not something many doctors do, but it makes sense, because not just does the father witness the birth first hand instead of waiting nervously outside, he gets to be with his partner through the challenging time.

Birth And Beyond

our doctors and staff share a relationship with the patients that extends beyond the birth or treatment. Gunjan and Yash share such a bond with Dr Pratibha, that they keep her updated on their kids’ latest stints! They keep in touch with her regularly through whatsapp, sharing pictures and videos of Suhaani and Yash. It’s a great feeling for Dr Pratibha too, as she fondly talks about them.

we believes that every set of parents who walk in don’t just walk out with their bundle of joy carefully cuddled in their arms, but also carry back a relationship that will be fostered for a long, long time. There are some things that money can buy, but if you are looking for a birth experience that’s curated for you that you can’t put a price tag on, come, join hands with us.

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