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Birth of an angel

December 3, 2020

They say “ Life is full of Surprises” or some people also say “Patience always pays”. We would fully agree & endorse the views.....

I & Husband felt some vacuum in our lives and finally realized that we need to have some cute little additions to the family. Even after 7 years of marital bliss, we could not enjoy the joy hood of being parents. Numerous trips to doctor and exhaustive procedures (IUI) became the norm every month for us. Every month waiting for the result of the procedure to see whether we are able to fill the void in our lives & then realizing that it would still continue, was a constant test to our patience.

We went for IVF and decided that next time we will not do the test ourselves. Let’s do the blood test at the clinic & let’s leave it. And yes finally the day arrived when on October 25th 2012 Dr. Sumana called up to say that I have tested positive & we just could not hold our unlimited bounds of joy. For some moments we were left blank.

Then came the most happy period of my life, where anyone and everyone pampers you and I also enjoyed it to a great extent except a blip which scared the most out of all of us and that too on the brink of the new year.

I suddenly had a pain & by the time I realized I had bleeding, a huge gulp of mass gushed down my legs & I thought I had lost it. Though my parents took me immediately to hospital, I had lost all the hopes on the way & my hubby who was in office had also lost hopes (though he had not shown it).I really did not know what was happening and just was waiting for my hubby to come & take me back home & cry out aloud to vent my frustration or anger whatever you may call. Someone called me inside the scanning room & we thought it was just a formality; I did not even bother to see the screen. My hubby was the one looking at it & suddenly I heard some flushy noises which I had heard in the scans before.

Then I heard the doctor say “Baby is doing well “.I could not believe it. It was a Miracle and a rebirth. I cannot explain the things which happened after this. In fact my baby’s rebirth not only was a great joy for me, but my baby also ensured that in the next 6 months I get the best attention I ever got in my life. I have to thank my baby for this. As an incident, I pray no one else goes through that trauma.

One most enjoyable incident I have in mind is the NT scan in which my baby scratched her forehead with her tiny fingers. Even the doctor said she has never seen something like that. Also in another scan she sucked her thumb...I feel very special to have a baby who has learnt this art though her DNA (though from her father’s side) I keep viewing those videos again.

Finally on 27th June 2013 at 9:15 A.M my baby started screaming which was a music to our ears. We both were blessed with a cute little princess whom we named SAMAARA.

Our Special thanks to “Dr. Sumana Gurunath” who was patient with us & guided us though the entire process of IUI & IVF. She was one person whom we trust blindly & would recommend her to anyone who wants to avail the services of a Fertility Specialist. She has been a pillar for us throughout the entire process & still continues to be so.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Anuradha S , for the love support she gave me through out. Wonder full nurses in the cloud nine, who were always been very supportive and giving us the confidence.

Finally I want to repeat & endorse one of the statements already said in the Blog by Sangeetha Just Thanks will never be enough to my mom who spent all the sleepless day and nights for taking care of me. “It’s true that God could not be everywhere , therefore he made mothers “

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