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Best Toddler Activities to Improve Creativity

Toddlers love to explore and create. They don’t like to follow rules or do exactly as told. They like to push boundaries and get creative in the way they use or play with items. You can stimulate and develop this creativity and desire to do things differently, through toddler activities.

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Fun Activities for Toddlers

Here are a few kids' activities to bring out the creative side of your toddler. Most of these are activities for toddlers at home so that you can use them as and when you need them.

  1. Painting – Toddlers love colours. Give your toddler a long sheet of paper, some paints and a brush. Let them get creative and paint anything they want. Finger painting, vegetable painting or painting with different brushes can be very interesting for toddlers.
  2. Dance – Let your toddler dance their hearts out to some tunes. Just play some dance tracks or your child’s favorite songs and dance along. When you dance with them, children tend to enjoy themselves more and become more comfortable dancing for an audience.
  3. Story Telling – Ask your toddler to make up a story. This activity will encourage them to think on their own, use real-life incidents and ideas from stories they heard or watched, etc. They may even use their toys as primary characters. Kids can get very creative with this activity.
  4. Collage – Give your toddler big printouts or drawings of different fruits. Cut up some bits of coloured paper and let them stick it in the picture to make a collage. If your toddler understands colours, you can ask them to choose the right colour for the respective fruits.
  5. Playdough – Let your toddler use their tiny fingers to mould clay into different shapes or objects. It can keep them occupied for a while and help improve their creativity too. Help them if they ask for it and just let them do what they want.
  6. Dress-Up – Dressing up dolls or themselves is very common among children. Let your child dress up as their favorite character. Watch them get creative and use odd things from around the house to complete their costume.
  7. Colour Mixing – Give your toddler a few paints and some cups of water. Let them add colour to the water and observe what happens to the water. Encourage them to mix more colours to see how the colours change when mixed.
  8. Decorate The Box – You can use empty cardboard or cereal boxes for this activity. Give your toddler some glue, coloured paper bits, sequins or beads. Let them decorate the box on their own.

Why is Physical Activity Important for Kids?

Physical activities are very important for a child’s overall development. Engaging in physical activities can help your toddler in the following ways:

  • Improve their gross motor and fine motor skills
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Increase blood supply and cardiovascular health
  • Strengthen the bones and muscles which will aid in better growth
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Aids cognitive development
  • Improves memory
  • Develops social skills
  • Maintain good health and weight

How to Engage Toddlers in Activities?

Toddlers have a very short attention span. They tend to lose interest very easily, especially if the activity is very challenging. So give them easy activities. If you want to challenge them, mix it up. Give them a few very simple activities and some challenging ones. This will help retain their interest.

Another effective way to engage your toddler in activities is to do it with them. This can be time-consuming and mentally draining but spending a few minutes playing with your toddler at their level can improve bonding and communication. With a stronger bond, they tend to listen to you and follow instructions.

If they are making clay figurines, join them. Play catch with them or just dance around. They love to spend quality time with their parents.

How to Keep Kids Active?

It is very easy to keep kids active. The first and foremost step to take is to reduce screen time. Today, many children spend a lot of time in front of various screens, thus leading a sedentary lifestyle. So, remove this temptation and encourage them to play outdoors. If playing outdoors is not a convenient option, let them play with their sibling or other children, indoors.

Here are some simple ideas to keep your child active during their days inside the house –

  • Dusting & Cleaning – Give your toddler a duster and let them dust the surfaces of the furniture and the walls. They are not going to do a great job but they will be moving around doing a physical activity. Just ensure you remove all breakable items from the area you give them access to.
  • Laundry – Let your child load the washing machine. Give them a stool and stand by their side and help them unload the clothes once the washing is done. Teach them to put the clothes out to dry. These activities will keep them engaged and make them use various muscle groups, which is essential for their development.
  • Cleaning Room – No child likes to pick up the toys after playing. Set aside a clean-up time, come up with a clean-up song if needed and make it fun for your child. Your kid is active and you get a clean room!

You can engage your child in your daily chores and activities. Toddlers love to mimic the elders and this can be an effective way to keep them physically active.

What are The Activities for Kids?

Kids can do any activity as long as they are safe and under adult supervision. When you are next to them, watching and guiding them, you can encourage them to try new activities. Any activity that can occupy a child and help them improve some skill, can be a part of children's activities.


Physical activities and creative play are very important for a child’s overall development. They help in the overall development of the child, which is crucial for their future. Remember to encourage your child’s creativity even if it doesn’t suit your taste.

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