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Being mother with Mother

December 3, 2020

As soon as got this email from Cloudnine about sharing our story of Motherhood, I dint have to think twice,I rightly remembered this day that I wanted to share with the world.

The day when I experienced the most beautiful moment of Motherhood.

My son Shreyansh was just 10 weeks old then, Myself, my mom and my hubby had taken him to Cloudnine for his vaccination. We greeted our Pead, Dr. Kishore Kumar and sat down to understand the vaccinations that were to be given to our son. All the vaccination names and their types were going over my head. After listening to pead something I clearly understood was there were two injections that would be given, one to each thigh.

So the nurse took my son and put him on the bed there, removed his pants and prepared him to give the injections. My son was super excited to see the toy aeroplane hanging on top and was smiling and enjoying. When the pead came near with the injections, he was trying to be a very good boy, he started to smile and converse with the doc in his own language.

I was feeling so sorry for him, poor fellow, he doesn't even know what was going to happen.

The pead quickly pricked in the vaccinations, my hubby covering up the scene so that I don't see that and start getting emotional. As usual, my son started screeching with pain as soon as the pricks were done. The most difficult part is to say thanks to the doc after this.

I know they are doing their job, but its difficult for mothers to see this.

Its a custom in India that we stay in Mother's house after delivery. This a great time for all daughters to enjoy motherhood with mom. So after vaccination, we were back home, just chit chatting about my son, his behavior at cloudnine. In the back of the mind we had this thought that he should not get fever after the injections. I was really tired after the day's developments so wanted to retire to bed as early as possible.

It was 8pm and my son had a slight temperature. he started to get a little cranky and then by 9 it was very evident that he had fever. I gave him Calpol as prescribed, but nothing would comfort him. The pain in his thighs would force him to lift up his thighs. He was not getting sleep, I was trying all techniques to calm him down and put him to sleep.

Everyone in the family pitching in, trying to their bit, nobody can see a baby cry. It was almost midnight, but no signs of comfort for my son. I and my mom, in turns, were continuously holding him close to us and moving around the house to make him comfortable. I could not handle it anymore given the condition I was in, the postpartum weakness and all that.

Then my mom just asked me to sleep and she sat next to me, put her hand on top of my head, comforted me and put my son on her chest, comforted him throughout the night. I just could not take my eyes of her for sometime. I was trying to read her expressions in the dim light. My son just clung to her for warmth and comfort that night.

This is an unforgettable scene, deeply etched in my heart. The joy of being a mother doubled for me that night. I  just want to say I can't thank God enough for giving a MOM like her to me.

As my son, my mom too is the biggest gift of my life.

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