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Baby kimaya's story of stepping strong in this world

December 3, 2020


Cloudnine’s two and half month old baby Kimaya has come into this world after fighting all odds.

Her doting dad, Atul Mathur, a marketing professional and her loving mother Bhuvana Arasu, a business development manager, both strong willed parents, share her birth journey with us.

“Our baby was premature, diagnosed with Respiratory distress syndrome in lungs, a large patent ductus arteriosus in heart, Aeromanas Cavie sepis with thrombocytopenia in blood stream, Retinopathy of Prematurity and much more.

Although these terms sound irrelevant to you, it wouldn’t be if you were to have a baby that had been diagnosed with all this. We were reading up everything we could to find out what had happened to my baby. In common terms it meant my baby needed artificial support for breathing at birth, had a heart defect, was extremely susceptible to even the mildest of infections, and the list went on and on.

“My wife was in her 29th week of pregnancy when her water broke and we had to call our doctor in the middle of the night. Dr. Gomathy Narayanan spoke to us despite the odd hour and asked us to rush to Cloudnine immediately. We reached in a state of daze, anxiety and kind of helplessness as we were not sure what was in store for us ahead.”

We were informed that we had to go in for an immediate delivery as any more time could be harmful for both the baby and the mother. “It was amazing to see that at 5:00 in the morning, just 2 hours after we woke up at home noticing the likely emergency, leading Gynecologists Dr. R. Narayanan and Dr. Gomathy Narayanan, the leading Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Girish, and the Head of Anesthetists for Cloudnine were all in the OT and they had come at this hour to the hospital just to attend to this emergency case. And, our little darling was in this world.

Seeing the worry on my face, Dr. Girish walked up to me and assured us that Cloudnine has saved even babies of 24 weeks so we should be optimistic. That statement was perhaps the only light in the tunnel for me at that time.”

Our baby Kimaya was at Cloudnine NICU close to 43 days and those days were some of the toughest days of our life for us. Yet, I don’t have enough words to explain my gratitude for the doctors like Dr. Nandini, Dr. Girish, Dr. Kishore Kumar who answered every question I had no matter how complicated or silly they were.

Perhaps they understood what it is to have a baby that is clinging on to survive and I wanted her to not just survive but be healthy and free from all complications. And while we met the consultants daily, the kindness of all the nurses in Cloud Nine who we grew so fond of in the 43 days was another comfort to us. Though we wanted to spend every minute in the NICU, it was practically impossible. It was once again so heartening that the resident doctors treated us like their friends and every time we called them on the emergency phone numbers even say at 2:00 am in the night to check on the baby, they would always be available to give us updates.

Today we can say that our little Kimaya, which means Divine, has been given a report that has freed her from all complications.

Me and my wife are happy and look forward for the lovely parenting phase in life. Thank You Cloudnine.”

Dr. Kishore Kumar, one of the neonatologists who had taken care of Baby Kimaya at Cloudnine says, “ Both Bhuvana & Atul are parents who can be set as an example for other parents. Both always had a positive attitude with any unexpected things. They always faced every new day with courage, and a smile, though perhaps in the back of their minds, they were worried.

This positive approach is what made or makes a difference in the survival of their baby despite all the complications of prematurity that happened to the baby. The baby was almost ready to be discharged, when their baby got an infection again - which parents knew could happen because of prematurity - but the way they coped with it is that is it’s better it happened now rather than after the discharge.

It was a delight to see such dedication from parents - they both visited their baby in the NICU almost every day for more than few hours, while always being quiet and smiling….that itself is a great beginning and approaching them about the baby becomes easier when treating any complications.”

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