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Are You Thinking About Having a Baby? Key Things to Keep in Mind

December 3, 2020

Having a baby is probably one of the biggest and life-changing steps that a couple can take. It has a great impact on various spheres of life and hence requires a lot of considerations. The decision to have a baby means a lot for the couple and hence, the involved people should carefully analyze their present situation and plan it accordingly. Some key points to keep in mind while planning for a baby are:

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  1. Do you really want it?

Though it may sound silly, ask yourself and discuss with your partner if you really want a kid, or you want to have it because of family pressure or other external conditions? Having a kid requires a long term commitment by both the partners. It may also require a certain degree of sacrifice and compromise in various aspects of life: social, career-wise, personal space, etc. Take your time and talk to your partner about it. Carefully analyze your priorities, wishes, aspirations, and decide if you are willing to have a baby or not.

  1. Evaluate your financial conditions:

Having a baby is a costly and long-term affair. Children gradually grow up, attend school, pursue hobbies, go to colleges, require medical care, etc., all of which requires money. And while it is true that no parent would like to deny any sort of facility to their children, it is also important to look at the matter practically and evaluate your financial condition. It is important to look at both short-term/immediate costs and long-term costs and plan accordingly.

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  1. Are you emotionally ready?

Having a baby can take a toll on your emotional health and psychological condition. Children require a great deal of attention and care, and children can also be very unpredictable. This may cause a certain level of instability in your emotional and psychological health. Ask yourself if you are ready for it or not. Postpartum depression is also common among women which can be treated with support, counselling, and (if required) medication. Moreover, if there are any issues in the family or between you and your partner, sort it out before trying to get pregnant.

  1. Are you physically ready?

One of the most important aspects of pregnancy is the health of the parents, as certain physical conditions or ailments can make the pregnancy risky, increase the risk of birth defects, etc. Though such issues are uncommon, it is highly recommended to get yourself evaluated by a gynaecologist before attempting pregnancy. If you have certain health conditions that may affect pregnancy, your doctor may ask you to get treated first or if you are suffering from infertility, your doctor may recommend IVF or other methods of pregnancy.

These are some important points to take care of before trying to get pregnant. These are not to be taken in a negative way but are just precautionary measures that all couples should go through. Children become your source of joy, happiness, and learning. Having children also increases the strength and intimacy of the bond between you and your partner and brings in a whole new level of maturity. You may also reach out to professional counsellors to clear your doubts or help you plan your pregnancy in a better way.

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