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An Amazing MAD experience

December 3, 2020

Motherhood started when we realised that my Baby was in my womb. I was blessed with an Angel. The journey with her is just an amazing feeling- the first kick that was ultimate. The day she was born, brought a magic in my life - a new person was born along with her, It was me - a Mother. Inspite of restless nights never felt tired, the cry made me realise someone special is there who cannot live without me, to see the smile in her sleep - enjoyed every bit of motherhood. As she started growing her first crawling steps, her first step of walk, her first word - Dada, her first forming sentences - are just like top of the icing. When my kid was in pain with her vaccinations/hurt made me become strong and stand beside her at her every difficult times. All I could say is I realised - What my Mother did for me and how importantrole she played in my life.