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All about Vaginismus Treatment

December 3, 2020

Vaginismus is a condition that involves a muscle spasm in the pelvic floor muscles. The muscles involuntarily contract when you try to insert something into it, like a penis or a tampon. This can make sexual intercourse difficult and quite painful. Some women develop vaginismus after menopause due to a drop in the estrogen levels.

Symptoms of vaginismus:

The primary symptom is the involuntary contraction and tightening of vaginal muscles. This leads to painful sexual intercourse. The pain may or may not last after the intercourse, but it can be unbearable during the intercourse. Another symptom of vaginismus is a pain in the region when any other object is inserted, like a tampon or during a pelvic exam.

The secondary symptoms of vaginismus may include a loss of sexual desire and fear of vaginal penetration. Women with vaginismus can enjoy sexual activities other than penetration as it often creates an undesirable stinging sensation.


Though the exact cause of vaginismus is not yet known, many doctors and experts link it to sexual anxiety and past sexual trauma. A painful experience of sexual intercourse in the past, a poorly performed medical examination, or emotional instability can also lead to vaginismus. In most cases, it becomes quite difficult to point to a specific cause for vaginismus.

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Treatment for vaginismus:

Vaginismus is not a permanent condition and women with vaginismus can recover and have natural and painless intercourse again. There are various treatment options for vaginismus and your doctor may recommend one or more of the following treatment methods:

  • Counselling: in many cases, counselling has been quite helpful in the treatment of vaginismus. It involves learning more about human anatomy, and what changes occur during sexual intercourse. It may also help to get over emotional trauma which may be causing vaginismus.

  • Botox injections have emerged to be a very successful treatment for vaginismus. Botox injections have proven to alleviate the most painful of spasms and its effects last for a long time, even after the Botox has worn off.

  • Kegel exercises: it involves contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises are extremely useful and besides vaginismus, they are also used in the treatment of various other ailments like urinary incontinence. To perform this exercise, one needs to contract the pelvic floor muscles and release them repeatedly(to locate the muscles, try to stop midway while you are urinating. The muscles that are getting contracted are the pelvic floor muscles). Depending on your health condition, your doctor will ask you to do these exercises for a certain number of times a day.

  • Vaginal dilators: these are used to stretch the vaginal muscles. Once you insert the dilators, they get progressively bigger, thereby stretching the muscles of the vagina.

  • Relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, hypnosis etc. may also be done to alleviate anxiety and treat vaginismus.

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