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Air travel in pregnancy

September 29, 2023

Air travel during pregnancy raises important considerations for expectant mothers. Let's address some common queries regarding air travel during pregnancy.


1. Is it safe to travel by air during pregnancy?

Yes, in a low-risk pregnancy, it is safe to travel by air.

2. Is it safe to travel anytime during pregnancy?

The best time to travel in pregnancy is during the second trimester and in the third trimester till 36 weeks.

3. What precautions do I need to take while travelling by air?

According to the travel times, there is a short-haul, medium and long-haul flight. When the travel time is less than four hours then it is called a short-haul flight. Medium and long-haul flights involve a journey of more than four hours.

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Precautions to be taken-

  • Choose an aisle seat
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • There is low humidity on the flight so keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid fizzy drinks, alcohol, tea and coffee
  • Walk around every hour if you are not asleep
  • Wear the seat belt under your belly and over your thighs
  • Avoid lifting heavy luggage
  • For a medium to long-haul flight consider wearing compression stockings to avoid clot formation in your legs.

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4. What are the conditions when I should avoid travel by air.

If you have high blood pressure, twin pregnancy after 32 weeks, recent episodes of bleeding in pregnancy, the threat of going into labour, very low hemoglobin levels, sickle cell anemia or heart or lung disease which makes breathing difficult for you.

5. Do I need a medical certificate for fitness to fly from my doctor?

Check with the airlines before travelling regarding the requirement for a medical certificate. Your doctor will be happy to write one for you.

6. Is it required to take travel insurance?

It’s a good idea to take travel insurance in case an emergency happens during the flight or at the destination of travel.

7. Is it safe to pass through the scanners at the airport?

Yes, it is safe for pregnant women to pass through scanners at airports.

8. Is there a risk of radiation exposure at high altitudes?

There is the negligible risk for infrequent travelers. However, the crew members may be repeatedly exposed to cosmic radiation and may consider taking a sabbatical per their airline regulations.

9. Are there any risks of travelling by air?

You may develop temporary swelling in your feet, nasal and ear congestion and nausea/vomiting.

There are no increased chances of miscarriage, going into labour or breakage of the water bag.

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