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Adversity is what makes a mother stronger

December 3, 2020

2020 has been nothing but a whole lot of challenges in a calendar. At least, until now. The pandemic that struck at the beginning of this year has been continuing to claim lives since.

We, as an evolved species, all around the world, are trying our best to solve the issue in hand. The medical fraternity has been working tirelessly to manage the condition and we can only wait and pray. On the other hand, pregnant mothers who were due during these adverse months shouldn’t have to wait any longer either. They are life bringers and no amount of adversity can come in between this beautiful natural process of giving birth.

We on Cloudnine respect and care for mothers the most, and do everything in our strength to lessen the anxiety of these warrior moms. It is our standing responsibility to see that each and every one of these expecting ladies are taken care of in a pristine manner so that they don’t feel anxious about the effects of the spreading virus. We know moms!

While we are on the subject of inspiring mothers, Cloudnine Bengaluru was recently a host to Mom Warrior Salini Patnaik who is a resident of Bengaluru. During her time at the hospital, Salini warmed the whole team around her with her charm and pleasant attitude.

Facing a delivery during such unprecedented times, we can only begin to think about how difficult it could have been. Rather, she left us all way more driven and inspired. Salini is a working mom with a critical role at Accenture. We had a conversation with her about her experience of becoming a mother before she left to begin her new journey of parenthood.

In the course of our conversation, Salini told us that it was difficult for her to manage work & pregnancy. However, her family and husband were very supportive. She has been working from home since February 2020.Check out some excerpts from our conversation with Salini

How did you think of choosing Cloudnine?

I was very adamant about getting care only from the best doctors. I wasn’t habituated to this situation and needed only the best advice, given that we were also facing a pandemic. I did a bit of research and Cloudnine topped the list for the best medical facility. I am proud to say my decision was spot on!

How was your journey with Cloudnine, especially given the current scenario?

Cloudnine has given me great support. From doctors to support staff, everyone was ready on their heels to attend to my needs. Even during the time I spent at home, there were regular video consultations thus doing away with too many visits.

There were also online classes for exercising and nutrition. I did not feel left out and all my questions were answered from time to time. There was even a pick and drop service. Cloudnine made sure that I had the opportunity to avail all their services right from the comfort of my home. I really couldn’t ask for more.

Please share your experience with your doctor, pediatrician, and other support staff at Cloudnine?

Dr. Harsha was the best I could ask for. She was very supportive and always up and about, answering all my doubts with utmost patience and clarity. The pediatrician was also very helpful and supportive with the best of advice for my new-born baby.

I am grateful to Cloudnine hospital’s staff too for taking care of me so well. The nurses were polite and always looking out for me. They only allowed a single nurse at a time around me due to safety procedures for the pandemic. This was quite reassuring, to see that the hospital was following procedures quite meticulously. I have nothing to be but grateful for my treatment at the hospital.

Salini shared a few words of encouragement for moms across the nation, she says;

“Ladies, if you are delivering your babies on Cloudnine, I personally think you’ve made the best decision! You needn’t worry about even the smallest things. I found it difficult to arrange clothes for my newly born baby but was able to manage with minimum resources even during the pandemic. I trusted Cloudnine doctors & support staff for my smooth experience of pregnancy & delivery and you should too.

Parenthood is perhaps, one of the most cherished and pure experiences in this world. To honour that and make life a lot easier for these new moms, we on Cloudnine, put in our best efforts to work day in and day out, providing topnotch, world-class services to accommodate and adhere to the new way of life.

“There is nothing as powerful as a mother's love."

These are times when many are separated from their families and the lack of familiar faces and personal touch only makes life a lot tougher. On Cloudnine, we ensure this attribute is not lost and try our best to make mommies-to-be, feel at home. We care like a mother.

Good News! Now you can Avail Home Vaccination Sevices for babies

We, on Cloudnine, are elated to have hosted you, Salini. We hope you have a smooth journey ahead and the happiest times of your life ahead. We trust you to come back anytime you need us. We hope you cherish the bond we created with you just as much as we did. We couldn’t be happier to have you deliver your beautiful little bundle of joy on Cloudnine. Take care!

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