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Aafreen and Atheeq’s Story

December 3, 2020

When I walked into the room of Aafreen and Atheeq to find out about their story at Cloudnine, I was welcomed in and offered sweets and shown hospitality like I was their guest. I was really overwhelmed by the affection shown by the couple. The reason for their joy was obvious - the baby who was fast asleep in his cradle. Ask Mr. Atheeq about their experience in being a part of the Cloudnine family, and this is what he says, “I got to know about Cloudnine through online search. My wife decided to visit Dr. Manjula Raghuveer after going through her profile on the website. I must say, we were very satisfied with our decision when we met Dr. Manjula. She gave my wife all the support needed and cared for her like her own daughter. She made us comfortable enough to meet her at any time without hesitation. Dr. Manjula has become family to us.”

The topic of Cloudnine’s services comes up, and Mrs. Aafreen continues the conversation, “This is my second pregnancy and the way Cloudnine manages to make me feel special is simply amazing. Last night I had stomach ache, and I kept calling the nurses in all night, and they didn’t seem to be disturbed at all! The cleanliness of the room is a highlight here. My mom also was very surprised and happy about the way I was being cared for.”

Mr. Atheeq was also impressed by the quality of our services. This is what he had to say, “There are a lot of hospitals that can help deliver babies in Bangalore. But none can match the feeling of being on ‘Cloudnine’!

The money we spent here was totally worth it. In fact, the relatives who came in to visit us might be coming back again to experience your services as well. I will definitely suggest Cloudnine to all my relatives and friends.” The cry of their baby reminded me of the time, and I left the room of Aafreen and Atheeq with a smile.

- Vidhya Rao

Cloudnine Team  

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