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A ‘Stitch’ In Time Saves Nine

For any mother-to-be, pregnancy isn't just about the experience, it's also about people who make it memorable. Dr. Samatha, Dr. Saroja, Dr. Bindu, Dr. Monica, Dr. Pallavi, Sister Nagamani, Sister Meena, and support staff Balamani - these are the people who have played a big role in Jaya Seethala's healthy delivery.

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When Jaya wanted to go for a preconception check-up, Google reviews guided her to Dr. Samatha after a few months, she conceived for the first time. As her pregnancy progressed, distance forced her to go to another hospital, but that experience turned sour. In January 2020 while at work, Jaya experienced severe pain in her back and abdomen and the first name that came to her mind was that of Dr Samatha. She scheduled an appointment with her immediately but ended up having a miscarriage. Later, upon further investigation, Dr. Samatha came to the conclusion that Jaya’s cervical length was not adequate, a fact that was not shared with her at her previous hospital.


Shattered by this unexpected loss, Jaya couldn’t come to terms with reality. That’s when Dr Samatha took on the added role of a counselor and helped Jaya navigate this testing phase. She was advised to wait for six months before planning a family again. Dr. Samatha had recommended a few tests, pre-pregnancy vitamins, and just regular instructions for Jaya to recover both emotionally and physically. Jaya conceived soon. Learning from a bitter experience, Jaya decided to stick to Dr. Samatha as her gynecologist, putting the distance factor aside.

As Jaya’s pregnancy was confirmed in October 2020, Dr. Samatha recommended that they should monitor the baby’s growth to decide whether Jaya should continue going to the office, especially given that the pandemic was a factor as well. Taking bed rest for close to 20 days, the doctor asked Jaya to undergo a cervical stitch as a precautionary measure, keeping in mind the previous pregnancy loss was because of this.

Running a few tests to check for the cervical length and the overall progress in her pregnancy, in November 2020, Jaya got her cervical stitch and was discharged on the same day. From then, till the 34th week of her pregnancy, Jaya was advised to take progesterone injections, post cerclage. In Jaya’s words, the visits to the hospital were ‘terrifying’ because of the pandemic, but the safety measures taken by the hospital and Dr. Samatha’s reassurance kept her going.

During one of her regular tests, Jaya’s hemoglobin levels had fallen and while Dr. Samatha had prescribed iron injections, Jaya’s fear of pain and consequences made Dr. Samatha go for supplements instead. With the levels fluctuating and a consequent blackout, Jaya had to go in for these injections and contrary to what she had heard about the shots being uncomfortable and extremely painful, they weren’t too bad!

As Jaya moved into her 37th week, it was time for her stitch to be removed. Nervous and anxious, Jaya had no idea how her day would unfold during what she thought would be a routine day. As she walked into Dr. Samatha’s cabin, one look at her tummy and Dr. Samatha knew that there was something wrong. Advised for a growth scan and NST immediately, while Jaya prepared herself, Dr. Samatha left for the day. Even though the baby’s heartbeat was normal, the growth seemed to have stopped and that’s when Dr. Saroja swung into action. Taking Jaya aside, Dr. Saroja strongly recommended an emergency C Section.

Jaya’s hopes of having a natural birth seemed distant, but she still wanted to give it a go. That’s when Dr. Samatha took Jaya and her husband on a conference call and said straight up that she couldn’t let Jaya go home in this condition. It was an auspicious day and there were several pre-booked deliveries lined up, but Dr. Samatha had no hesitation in returning to duty.

As Jaya wanted a natural birth, Dr. Samatha agreed to induce her and wait till the next morning, after which she said she would be wheeled in for surgery. That’s when they hit another roadblock - the baby’s heartbeat started dropping and there were clear signs of distress. A quick decision of an emergency C Section was taken, Dr Samatha rushed in and in keeping with the COVID protocol, couldn’t allow her husband to join her for the birth.

At 6.05 on May 14, little Aadya came into the world. She had no idea how challenging this journey was for her mother, but this village came together to celebrate. Even close to 36 hours after the birth, Jaya continued receiving the same concern and affection that is so well-known for. Dr. Madhavi recommended phototherapy for little Aadya as her jaundice values were fluctuating, especially considering the lockdown situation as exposure to sunlight would be limited. Jaya feels that the timely decisions taken by Dr. Samatha is what helped her become a mother.

From the bottom of her heart, Jaya thanks all the staff in the Operating Theatre and especially feels that the soothing music of her choice being played there during her delivery helped calm her nerves. we know that the gift of motherhood supersedes anything. We are happy that we could do our bit for Jaya.

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